Dubai Islamic Bank offers fully Sharia compliant car financing facility which enables you to get a car quickly and conveniently. Dubai Islamic Bank uses Musharaka cum Ijara model for auto financing for salaried, business people and self employed. At you can use our auto loan calculator to find Dubai Islamic car financing rates, all information and requirements.

Eligibility Criteria for DIB Auto Finance

Dubai Islamic car financing is available for people who are at-least 21 years of age with monthly net income of Rs. 25,000 and either a salaried person, businessman or self-employed.

Features & Benefits of Dubai Islamic Auto Loan

DIB car financing is quick and easy process and offers financing tenure for up to 7 years. DIB will finance 85% of the car value for new, used and imported reconditioned cars not older than 9 years. Minimum financing amount is Rs. 100,000 and maximum is Rs. 5,000,000.

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