5 Quick Steps To Apply For A Credit Card

Posted Date: Sat Jul 2016

If you haven’t read our articles on choosing the best credit card and  various fees that are applicable then you should. Because we recommend that you know the related terminologies associated with credit card transactions.

Now if you’ve done that already then read on as we will inform our readers about the pre-requisites and needful things when one is applying for a credit card along with the whole procedure to acquire a credit card.


First of all it’s a good idea to research various credit cards being offered by various banks and check out the specifics such as the types of credit cards, credit limit, interest rates and various fees and charges and the rewards or benefits these cards come with. Once you’ve researched the available options and picked one that suits you. It’s time to move onto the next step.


After that you’ll have to fill a credit card application form that will have your relevant details such as Name, Father’s Name, CNIC number, Account details, Address and income. With that you may also need to sign an authorization form if you’re bank account is in a different bank so the credit card provider can check your account history. At this time you’ll also be asked about which credit card you need for yourself and you’ll be intimated about the minimum salary limit and the range of the credit limit which is given by the bank on that particular credit card. Please do keep in mind that the bank decides what credit limit you will be issued by taking your account history and salary in consideration.

Required Documents:

The next step is to know the documents you’ll need to apply for a credit card. Usually you need three things in general while applying for your credit card:

1) Original CNIC along with its photocopies. 2) Bank Statement of previous 6 months. 3) Salary Slip.

Application Procedure:

To apply for a credit card of the lowest credit limit you must have  a salary of minimum PKR 15,000-40,000 range on average and you will be given a credit limit of 20000-350000PKR. The credit limit is decided by the bank as mentioned above however different credit cards come with different credit limits and need different minimum level of salaries hence choose the one that suits you and fulfills all the pre-requisites.

It’s also pertinent to mention here that most banks issue credit cards to only salaried persons. If you’re unemployed then there are still a few banks that may issue you credit cards but it depends on your bank account history and you’ve to maintain a specific balance in your account at all times. Also some banks issue credit cards only in specific cities across the nation which is due to their lack of widespread infrastructure. Additionally there are three ways to apply for credit card such as online application, over the phone or by walking into the respective bank’s branch or head office.

Delivery & Activation:

After the form has been filled and submitted then you will have to wait for around 1-3 weeks and it will be delivered to your doorstep. Once you get the credit card you can activate it by calling your helpline and activating it by first going through a verification check in which you’ll be asked your personal details and matched with the bank’s database and after that you will be transferred to an IVR line where you can choose your PIN code.

That’s it folks, once you’ve completed all the steps above, your credit card is ready to be used. If you have any questions, comments or feedback please email us at feedback@smartchoice.pk