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Broadband subscriptions cross the 1 million mark in Pakistan

Pakistan was a slow starter when it comes to broadband uptake and internet usage in Pakistan with only 26,000 broadband subscribers by the end of the year 2006. This was the time when broadband was taken seriously by the PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) and a policy was introduced and implemented to increase and enhance broadband penetration in Pakistan and to make its advantages come to every household in Pakistan.

In October 2010, Pakistan crossed 1 Million broadband subscribers which was a whopping 100% increase from the previous year when Pakistan only had 400,000 broadband subscribers. As of the latest statistics, broadband subscribers stood at 1.072 million in November 2010.

In Pakistan, the following broadband technologies are available:

The market share of each broadband technology in Pakistan is presented as follows:

Based on the growth pattern, that we will be discussing in a separate post, we are proud to propose that Pakistan has phenomenal growth potential in the broadband industry.

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