Pakistan broadband speed increases 42% in a year

Sibtain Jiwani
December 07, 2014

map-pakistanAs internet operators in Pakistan continue their push to expand their subscriber base and with the introduction of 3G/4G services, Pakistan’s year on year national average download speed has increased by 42% to 3.3 Mbps from 2.31 Mbps last year.

This adds further weight to our previous post, in which we predicted broadband user base to grow further by 64% and is expected to cross 4 million subscribers by the end of this year (2014).

It is also to be noted that Pakistan still has the LOWEST average download speed in the region with India clocking an average 6.0 Mbps, Bangladesh 6.7 Mbps and Nepal at 6.8 Mbps. Only Afghanistan is below in the index with 2.1 Mbps average download speed.

A global “Net Index” prepared by Ookla, one of the world’s most popular and trusted internet speed measurement tools, sheds further light on the subject through a survey carried out in 29 cities of Pakistan, where the highest download speed was recorded in Okara (4.92 Mbps) followed by Bahawalpur (4.25 Mbps).

The report also publishes a list of the top service providers, with Multinet being at the top of the list with average download speeds of 11.13 Mbps – Gerry’s comes second with an average download speed of 4.84 Mbps followed by Worldcall at 4.60 Mbps.

Shown below is an overview of Pakistan’s compares to the global NetIndex:



To be noticed is that it also measures mobile download speeds in Pakistan, which stand at an average of 3.5 Mbps today, whereas the global average for mobile downloads is 10.9 Mbps.

Global broadband internet average stands at 21.5 Mbps, many many times higher than the average in Pakistan.

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