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Qubee reduces its internet package prices for 2015

Sibtain Jiwani
January 04, 2015

The last time Qubee revised its prices was in September 2014. With the new year 2015, Qubee has majorly slashed its prices on most of its internet packages and introduced various special offers like Zero activation fee, Free Wifi Router and etc.

qubee blogClick here to see the revised packages of Qubee for 2015

One of the most attractive Qubee internet packages of all is Conquer Max on its Shuttle device (USB Dongle) which offers 2MB unlimited internet for Rs. 1100. This Qubee internet package is best of all the available packages in the market when compared to any provider in the market be it PTCL DSL, Worldcall or Wi-tribe.

For users looking to use internet at home on Wifi device, there is a promotion of FREE Qubee Wifi router on all its unlimited internet packages, the lowest package starts from Rs. 1,500 for 1Mbps. In case you already have a wifi router and just need internet connection, you can save Rs. 500 on its 20Gb packages starting from only Rs. 1100.

Qubee services are available in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. To see all the latest Qubee offers along with their prices, click here

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