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Google Flight Now Includes WiFi Details

In a recent update to Google Flight, the search results show whether a particular flight has WiFi option or not. This update has been made possible through integration with, website specializing in flight details and availability of various facilities.

RouteHappy collects data and tabulate flight experiences of customers based on “Happiness” factors. These include availability of various facilities such as:

The data is collected from hundreds of flights and is the most comprehensive website detailing flight amenities for flight, cabin and route. With integration with Google Flight, these details are now available on Google search results from data available and displayed below the flight time (see picture above).

The availability of broadband service in-flight and ability to not only connect to the internet but enjoy various other entertainment options are now an important part of airline experience. With these details now part of Google Flight search results, it will further enhance the search experience and add more value to customers time, helping them make informed decision without spending more time searching for these details.


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