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Wi-Tribe introduces K9 Web Protection

Wasio Abbasi
May 13, 2015

Wi-Tribe has updated its Add-On offering and now provides K9 Web Protection Software for its customers. The K9 web solution provides complete package to protect your family. Customers can download the solution from My Wi-Tribe portal, in the section Adons & Services.

K9 ad on My wi tribe


K9 provides enterprise-grade protection from spyware and malware to keep your computer safe. Internet filtering feature forms a defensive barrier against malicious programs and provides you more control over your computer. It also allows to block websites and content that can lead to scam or contain pornographic content. For children the safe internet protection keeps them away from adult content and interactions that might be risky or inappropriate for them.


K9 provides a wide variety of protective and monitoring features such as:

– Block websites in more than 70 categories including porn, racism, gambling, drugs etc

– Force safe search on all major search engines

– Time restriction for web access

– Custom lists for “always allow” and “always block”

– Reports for monitoring and web activity control

– Enhanced anti-tempering features

– Real-Time categorization of new adult and malicious websites

– Compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems

Need for Parental Control

In fast changing digital world it is extremely important to keep children protected from inappropriate content and monitor web traffic for any signs of danger. New malware and spyware quickly affect the computers and harm your data, sometimes without you even realizing it.

Considering these challenges, Wi-Tribe brings the new solution for all of its customers for no extra charge (K9 is a freeware while previous solution, Net Nanny, was a charged solution). For customers it is always important to get better services from solution providers and availability of features such as parental control should be considered when deciding upon an internet service.

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