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Wi-Tribe Recommends AVG Antivirus

Wasio Abbasi
May 21, 2015

Wi-Tribe has updated its service offerings and the add-ons feature now reflect new products. Moving away from Symantec, which was a paid software service, Wi-Tribe now recommends AVG Antivirus for its users.

The freeware solution is prominently displayed on Wi-Tribe customer portal, in the “add-ons & services” section:

AVG Antivirus


Despite freeware version, the solution packs all the required features for effective computer protection and has a friendly user-interface. Considered one of the best antivirus solutions in the world, AVG includes several advanced features that include:

  • Virus protection
  • Spyware protection
  • Malware protection
  • Email scans (to detect malicious attachments)
  • Website scans
  • Social media scans (including Facebook and Twitter links)

Virus Protection

The propagation of viruses has increased drastically in recent years and every day new threats are identified, from low to very high risk, and antivirus solutions like AVG keep updating their programs to protect users systems.


Malwares are programs designed to affect your system in many ways, from simple spying to stealing sensitive data and disrupting computer operations. One of its forms, Spywares, are hidden programs that can not only track every usage of your system but can also steal personal information. Disruptive malwares affect machine functions as well such as causing sudden system freezes and shutdowns, pop up adverts and automatic changes to browser home settings.

Dangerous spywares and malwares are pushed into cyber space regularly that affect unsuspecting users via emails and even through social media. With effective and updated protection you can avoid these dangers and keep your machine safe.

Protecting Your System

Softwares like AVG Antivirus are effective at what they do, but it is always better to take precautions and avoid getting trapped. Following are some steps that can keep you safe in the long run:

  • Keep your antivirus updated
  • Never use a USB without scanning it first
  • If you use email client, enable email scan to filter out harmful attachments
  • Do not post your email where it can be publicly viewed
  • Never reply to a spam email
  • On your email account, activate anti-spam settings
  • Do not open attachments of emails from unknown people or those that seem mass emails
  • Opt-out of promotional programs when signing up, it keeps your email safe from unwanted clutter
  • Most Operating Systems have built-in firewalls. Keep them on and updated
  • Avoid ‘remember password’ feature in the browsers
  • Do not login to your personal accounts on public networks
  • Do not use credit card online, especially when website lacks SSL encryption
  • Never share data on public networks as hackers can break into the system
  • Keep connecting technologies, such as Bluetooth, off unless needed. Keep the time window for connection brief
  • Monitor the use of internet by children and keep them away from harmful softwares and websites
  • Regulate the use of internet at home through a software, like K9, which will help protect both the family as well as computer system

Always better to be cautious and the above list is a good starting point.


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