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Boost Your Internet Speeds By Combining WiFi & 3G/4G.

January 14, 2016

Most of the internet users in Pakistan have a single complain. Slow browsing and download speeds. No matter how much speedy connection you invest into, the companies lack in providing optimal consistency in speeds and reliability of service as many users suffer frequent downtimes as well. Now usually we have countered this thing so far by using 3G/4G on our cellular devices and buying secondary Mobile Broadband devices to somehow curtail the issue at hand but users still remain unsatisfied with the quality of the internet connections at large.

There are a number of applications that are designed to tackle this problem of slow internet speeds such as “Speedify” and Connectify “Dispatch”. What these apps essentially do is combine multiple network connections such as LAN, WiFi and 3G/4G into a single channel to improve downloading, streaming or just plain browsing. Or if you have two different broadband connections at home you can merge them as well. What’s best is that this technique is possible to work with both on personal computers as well as handheld smartphones/tablets. The underlying technology here is called channel bonding which is doing its magic. This is an arrangement where multiple networks are merged into a single fat pipeline that improves bandwidth and latency in a drastic way.

Using these apps you can combine your multiple available internet connections to speed up browsing, streaming, gaming, Torrent and regular downloads by using a combined throughput of the multiple networks which will single handedly remove the major complain of slow internet speeds. What’s more is that these apps offer VPN and hotspot capabilities as well which can then let you share the faster, merged network with your other devices which can result in improved speeds across all your devices being connected.

Another useful feature is automatic network switching which means that if one of your network fails then your connection won’t drop as it’ll automatically route your data traffic over the next available network and this process is so seamless that your downloads or streaming will not be interrupted at all.

Next comes data saving feature for the mobile version of the apps which means that WiFi will be your priority network and the app will switch data packets to your Mobile 3G/4G network to keep costs in check while keeping your streaming/browsing experience smooth as well. You can also set daily or monthly data limits so your data usage doesn’t spill out of your monthly bundle’s limit.

Do keep in mind that these apps are not free and come at a premium price. However we think that these are worthy of the investment and can seriously improve your internet experience by merging your multiple internet connections to speed up things considerably.

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