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WiTribe Launches Exciting New SUPER SAVER Offer!

February 09, 2016

Recently WiTribe has discontinued its activation promo offer which featured the waiver of activation cost on 2/3Mbps packages. However WiTribe has now come up with an exciting new offer of its own which is dubbed as “Super Saver Offer”. With the said offer, customers will now enjoy 50% off on their monthly line rent for the first month and 25% off for the second month. After that, your bills would be equal to the full amount of your monthly line rent.

Below we have listed answers to some of your questions that might arise in our reader’s minds:

1) So how much do I have to pay at the time of installation?
a) You’ll have to pay the security deposit for the first month which is equal to your monthly line rent along with PKR500 as an activation fee.

2) Would I be able to view the discount in my monthly bill?
a) All consumers will be able to view this discount reflected in their monthly bills under “Super Saver Discount.”

3) Is this discount applicable for existing customers?
a) No! This discount offer is only for new internet connections.

4) Do I get the discounts if I get my internet connection at the end or mid of the month?
a) Yes! Customers who get their connections at the end of the month are also applicable for these discounts however the applicable discount will only be calculated upon the usage days of the current month.

5) Will I get the discount if I return my device?
a) No! If a customer refunds the device during the promo period, the discount will not be applicable.

6) Is the discount applicable on the total monthly bill?
a) No! The discount is only applicable on the monthly line rent. Value Added Services, service charges, late payment charges and taxes will not be discounted.

Given below are the amounts you’ll have to pay if your internet connection falls under “Super Saver Offer.” You can also order a package of your choice right away!

Package  MLR 1st Month 50% Discount 2nd Month 25% Discount Place Order
Basic 1MB PKR1149 PKR575 PKR 862 Click Here
Basic 2MB PKR1199 PKR600 PKR 900 Click Here
Unlimited 1MB PKR1249 PKR625 PKR 937 Click Here
Unlimited 2MB PKR1399 PKR700 PKR 1050 Click Here
Unlimited 3MB PKR1699 PKR850 PKR1275 Click Here



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