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Who Offers What? A List of Broadband Providers in Pakistan

Alifiya Aun Ali
April 26, 2017

The struggle to find a decent internet service in Pakistan is real. With too many internet services, offering too many packages on TVCs, one fails to come to a conclusion and in the end we are left with nothing but a never ending circle which keeps on rotating and does not stop!

Before we all hit a dead end in this search for high speed, good quality internet services, it is important to learn about the available options in the markets.

Want a reliable internet? Compare broadband providers packages and pricing

What is broadband?

The term “broadband” is frequently used by our internet service providers (ISPs), is basically a technical term used for high speed internet connection which is always on and faster than the traditional dial up connection.

Different types of broadband include the following:

  • DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)
  • Cable
  • Satellite
  • Wireless

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PTCL packages

PTCL is the largest internet service provider in Pakistan with highest number of internet users. This semi-government company owns the entire major internet infrastructure including undersea fiber optics. PTCL broadband 4 Mbps is the most sought after package these days. It costs Rs 1775/- per month with one time installation charges of Rs 1500/- PTCL takes almost 3-5 days for installation with no device charges. The device remains the property of the company. This package is famous among its users for unlimited downloads.

Package 1 Mbps Starter 2 Mbps Starter 4 Mbps Starter 1 Mbps 2 Mbps 4 Mbps
Volume 10 GB* 20 GB* 40 GB* Unlimited* Unlimited* Unlimited*
Charges (PKR) 625 775 999 1325 1575 1775
Over the limit downloads per GB (PKR) ** 100 100 100  –  –  –

View all PTCL packages detail


This tribe launched its operations in July 2009 and has managed to strike up as a competitor to some of the already dominant ISPs. Wi-tribe has based itself on three distinct elements:

  1. Customer Service: They ensure that their customers enjoy their services and any faults are addressed in a short period of time.
  2. Quality: Wi-Tribe Has a Unique and Creative design network with full quality assurance as per customer lifecycle. They are committed to provide tailored package for every type of customer to gain the highest customer satisfaction. Wi Tribe is the first one to introduce the 4G technology. The Unique thing is that 4G supported by all date data network and has a totally separate traffic for voice or SMS.
  3. Human Capital: Wi-tribe is working hard to employ some of the best talent in the industry to stay on top of their game.

Wi-tribe packages

Speed Volume PKR
2Mbps 30 GB 1199
3Mbps 40 GB 1399
2Mbps Unlimited* 1399
3Mbps Unlimited* 1499
4Mbps Unlimited* 1799
5Mbps Unlimited* 2199

*fair usage policy applies

Wi-tribe has tailored its packages according to their users needs. Customers can also avail “Add-ons” adding value to your customer experience.

Add-ons include:
  • Power Hours: enjoy endless downloads from 1am – 1pm for Rs 300.
  • Upsize GBs: increase your monthly volume limit, 2Gbs for Rs 75, 5Gbs for Rs 100, 10Gbs for Rs 200.
  • Speed Boost: increase your internet speed by 50% for just Rs 200.
  • Happy Days: day-plans for endless internet. 1 Day for Rs 100, 3 days for Rs 200.

View complete Wi-tribe packages detail

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Stormfiber packages

StormFiber is Pakistan’s most reliable fiber to the home (FTTH) broadband service provider. The biggest question, what differentiates StormFiber from other ISPs? While other ISPs and television service providers rely on copper based technology which is unreliable, StormFiber had invested in building a fiber based network which brings reliable, fast, affordable and convenient services at your door steps. Apart from offering broadband services, they also offer digital TV services at your home. However, StormFiber is currently available in Defence, Clifton and in selected areas of Gulshan and PECHS, Karachi and in few areas of Lahore and Faisalabad which includes PCSIR Phase 1, Eden Canal Villas, etc.

The triple play bundle in a three in one service which incorporates internet, TV and phone.

Package Speed PKR Services
Triple Typhoon 10Mbps 1999 Internet+TV+Phone
Triple Blizzard 20Mbps 2999 Internet+TV+Phone
Triple Thunder 30Mbps 3999 Internet+TV+Phone

Standard packages

Package Speed PKR/month Download
Ice 2Mbps 1299 Unlimited
Cyclone 4Mbps 1499 Unlimited
Typhoon 10Mbps 1799 Unlimited
Twister 15Mbps 2499 Unlimited
Blizzard 20Mbps 2799 Unlimited
Thunder 30Mbps 3799 Unlimited

One time charges=12000 PKR

View complete Stormfiber packages detail


Qubee packages

Qubee uses WiMax technology, making it one of the leading ISPs as well. Qubee internet packages range from 1MB to 3MB in both regular and unlimited category with fair usage policy. They have recently updated there internet packages, hence bringing down the cost of internet and improving the speed for its customers.

Qubee Shuttle Devices

These are portable internet devices which can be carried along to different cities and countries which are covered by Qubee Pakistan. These devices work as plug-and-play devices and are very convenient for users who want internet on the go. These shuttle services offer a great user experience as they are able to catch signals easily and are very handy.
Qubee offers broadband coverage in several urban areas including Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad with economical packages.

Package Speed PKR Downloads
Explore 10 1Mbps 799 10GB
Explore Max(Shuttle) 1Mbps 800 Unlimited
Conquer 10 2Mbps 999 10GB
Explore 20 1Mbps 999 40GB
Conquer Max (Shuttle) 2Mbps 1000 Unlimited
Invade 10 3Mbps 1199 10GB
Conquer 20 2Mbps 1199 40GB
Explore Max 1Mbps 1299 Unlimited
Invade 20 3Mbps 1399 40GB
Conquer Max 2Mbps 1499 Unlimited
Invade Max 3Mbps 1699 Unlimited
Supreme Max 4Mbps 1999 Unlimited

View complete Qubee packages detail


Optix packages

Optix is another broadband service provider offering ultra fast fiber to the home (FTTH) technology. Optix fibers delivers fast internet connection up to 20Mbps for downloads and uploads but currently it is only available in limited areas of Karachi and Lahore.

Package Speed Price/month Downloads
Swift 2 Mbps 2Mbps 1,350/- Unlimited
Swift 4 Mbps 4Mbps 1,499/- Unlimited
Swift 10 Mbps 10 Mbps 1,799/- Unlimited
Overdrive 15 Mbps 15Mbps 2,199/- Unlimited
Overdrive 20 Mbps 20 Mbps 2,599/- Unlimited
Overdrive 24 Mbps 24 Mbps 2,899/- Unlimited
Hyperboost 32Mbpa 32 Mbps 3,999/- Unlimited
Hyperboost 40 Mbps 40 Mbps 4,699/- Unlimited
Hyperboost 60 Mbps 60 Mbps 6,599/- Unlimited

View complete Optix packages detail

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The above mentioned ISPs are the best available options in the market right now. So before choosing your ISP and package ask yourself about your data usage, speed required and how much you can afford? Happy browsing!

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