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5 Noteable Smartphones You Might Want to Buy (Apart from iPhone and Samsung)

5 Noteable Smartphones You Might Want to Buy (Apart from iPhone and Samsung)

Did you know, 60% of people in Pakistan who own cell phone use more than one cell phone and among those cell phone users, 72% use smartphone as their primary phone, and 28% keep other type of phones like featured phone as secondary phone for security reason. (Source)

Not only have these smartphones become a part of our personal lives but have also affected the trade of our country. The ever increasing need for smartphones now accounts for 55% of total mobile imports in Pakistan (Source). Smartphones are much faster than the conventional phone and much more user friendly which makes it easy for all age group to use. Smartphones have been a big revolution in all areas be it business or entertainment.

“smartphones now accounts for 55% of total mobile imports in Pakistan”

In the past 10 years, the smartphone culture has been on a rise throughout with new innovative upgrades nearly every day. Not only have the old, pre existing companies improved but many new brands have started also, that offer quality and efficiency in a very reasonable price.

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No matter how much one might disagree, smartphones have made our lives much faster and easier, allowing us to connect with people, check our email on the go and being able to search anything on our mind immediately. Smartphones offer everything one can think off, but now it’s on you how you utilize it. .

5 notable smartphones to consider in Pakistan

When we talk about smart phones, we get to hear Samsung and iPhone the most! But well, there are most gems in the market that have not yet gained that popularity. So here is a list of those smartphones that you might want to buy.

1. OPPO F3 plus

Also known as the selfie expert!

2. Alcatel OneTouch X1

This is a new brand which has great value for money:

3. Lenovo vibe S1

Lenovo is now officially available in Pakistan.

4. HTC Desire 728

If you are looking for a good camera and a perfect LCD screen, then this is the right choice.

5. Huawei Honor 5X

Huawei phones have been on a rise recently because of their good speakers and a long lasting battery.

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All the smartphones listed above have their specialties mentioned, so it basically depends on what you are looking for, it is is good speakers then go for Huawei, it it’s a good display, then desire is the right choice whereas if you want good aesthetics with smooth functioning then sony experia is the option. So list down what you need and the budget you have for it, and I’m sure you will find your pick easily from these 5 best smartphone options other than the conventional Samsung and iPhone.

All images courtesy by GSM Arena

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