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Navigating Health Insurance Options in Pakistan

In developing countries like Pakistan, there is an urgent need for accessible and cheap health care systems. Healthcare facilities are advancing from consultations to all-in-one healthcare solutions.

Such models are perfect. However, like most other developing countries with large populations, the Health Insurance sector is underdeveloped. The population coverage ratio is very low, and that is mainly limited to employer-financed insurance protection. This means that there is little motivation to top up their company insurance plans by individuals.

Health insurance covers and provides crucial medical assistance during emergencies. In underdeveloped countries like Pakistan, health insurance is essential for everyone. It acts as a shield for the financially underprivileged in emergencies.

Standard Health Insurance Covers

Health insurance is an insurance policy that offers the buyer coverage against all possible risks related to healthcare expenses. It usually covers hospitalization and pre- and post-hospitalization expenses, medical prescription & drug expenses, the cost of medical tests, surgical procedures, and critical illness.

Buyers can also opt for optional coverages such as maternity benefits and dental cover for themselves or their families. Standard policy covers range from Rs.50,000 to up to 1 million rupees. It offers buyers peace of mind by covering hospital expenses through cashless payments. You have to show your insurance card at the time of admission to a hospital.

Types Of Health Insurance Plans In Pakistan

On the basis of different healthcare features and other measures, the popular types of health plans in Pakistan offered by major insurance companies are as under:

  • Individual Health Insurance
  • Family Health Insurance
  • Corporate Health Insurance
  • Accidental Insurance

Individual Health Insurance

Individual health insurance is a type of health insurance policy in Pakistan that people buy independently. This plan offers medical coverage for just individuals. It is one of those types of health insurance policies in Pakistan that work best if you don’t want to go for a group insurance coverage plan usually provided by individual employers and large-scale organizations.

Family Health Insurance in Pakistan

People can also apply for family health insurance in Pakistan if they want medical coverage for their immediate family, like spouses and children. The amount paid as a monthly premium is based on the number of dependents in your family and the company’s terms and conditions. Keep all these factors in mind to pick the right option among Pakistan’s available health insurance policies.

Corporate Health Insurance

Corporate health insurance is also commonly known as employee health insurance in Pakistan. It is a form of group insurance coverage usually offered by individual employers or organizations to their company staff members.

It is usually outsourced to different insurance companies in Pakistan. These health plans’ monthly, bi-annual, quarterly, or annual premiums are usually deducted from employees’ salaries. Most of Pakistan’s common employee health insurance coverages only offer medical emergency treatments and minor hospital checkups.

Accidental Health Insurance

Accidental health insurance is also one of the more common types of medical insurance coverage used in Pakistan. Like medical insurance, it also helps to pay for hospitalization and other related healthcare expenses but only in the case of an accidental injury. However, this medical insurance plan usually does not cover self-imposed injuries and suicidal acts.

How To Apply For Health Insurance In Pakistan

To apply for a health insurance policy in Pakistan.

  1. You need to do some research for the policy that best fits your needs and requirements.
  2. After research, decide on an individual or a family medical insurance plan. If you are married, you need to pick a family insurance plan.
  3. Fill out the physical or online application form. You need to fill in all the required personal details. You will also need to give copies of your CNIC and family registration certificate in case of a family insurance plan.
  4. Submit the mentioned medical documents. This helps the insurance company track your medical history.
  5. All these are mandatory requirements and an important part of applying for health insurance in Pakistan.
  6. You need to set your preferred mode of payment. You can pay your health insurance premium through cash payments, cross cheques, and online transfers. As common everywhere, insurance companies in Pakistan do not recommend cash payments due to security and fraud concerns.
  7. Review all your provided information and pick a health coverage package per your needs.

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