Why choose Fiber Optic Broadband (FTTH)

Fiber Optics based broadband internet is a high speed wired based internet that’s lauded for its high reliability, ultra- fast speeds and low latency and ping times. Fiber Optics (FTTH) is suitable for heavy users such as online gamers or those who want to do a lot of online streaming/downloading or in corporate working environments. However currently Fiber to Home is available in limited areas in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Fiber Optics internet installation usually takes around 2-3 weeks due to Fiber Optical cable being laid till your premises. Fiber To Home packages are good for those who share their connection among multiple users at home or need unlimited downloads. Fiber Optics Internet providers in Pakistan include StormFiber, Satcomm, Transworld (TES), Nayatel and Optix Fiber.

FTTH Broadband Provider

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