Best Mobile Broadband (Dongle/Mifi)

Device charges
Zong 4G wingle

Get Zong 4G Wingle for plug and play internet access anywhere. Packages starting from PKR1500/month only. Works on 3G/4G to provide high speed wireless broadband internet. Compact devices for hassle-free portability.

Rs. 2000
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Zong 4G Mifi

Zong 4G MiFi lets you surf the internet on-the-go with built in battery backup of up to 5 hours. Monthly packages starts from PKR1500/month only. Works on 3G/4G to provide high speed wireless broadband internet. Compact devices for hassle-free portability.

Rs. 3000
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Zong 4G Router

Get 4G SIM-enabled broadband router that’s best for home and office use with it’s extended WiFi range. Connect upto 32 devices at a time. High speed 3G/4G internet. Packages starting from PKR1500/month only!

Rs. 5000
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3G/4G Mobile Wifi(MiFi)

MiFi is an abbreviation for Mobile WiFi. Its major benefits are that it brings portability and it has a battery hence it can be used to access 3G/4G internet on the go. The device is extremely compact and can be carried easily in a pocket. You can connect multiple devices to a MiFi at a time.

3G/4G Wingle

Dongle is also known as Wingle. It’s a portable flash drive sized device that lets you access broadband internet. However it needs access to any USB power source because it has no battery of its own.You can connect multiple devices to a dongle. However WiMAX based dongles don’t have WiFi hence internet can only be used on the device that they are plugged in to.

What's USB Dongle for?
A USB dongle is a portable modem that you can plug into your laptop device to access internet. As the name suggests, a dongle is shaped like a USB which lets you have high speed internet without any wires. Majority of dongle devices derive power from the host computer, so you don’t have to worry about batteries or power plugs either.
Why is USB Dongle better?
There are many advantages using USB Dongle based mobile broadband that make it a better choice over conventional internet. For one thing, DSL connections often compromise their performance if the end user lives at a large distance from the telephone exchange since higher distances mean it takes the data longer to reach via phone lines. Cable internet doesn’t suffer from speed loss because of distance but it is awash with security threats since a single cable caters for a large number of people, it suffers from speed loss if the number of users at any given time is very large.
USB Dongle deals
PTCL was among the first internet service providers to market dongles PTCL EVO and EVO-3G. They became instant successes in a market that was at the time largely devoid of any suitable competition. With the launch of 3G services by mobile operators in Pakistan, few operators have quickly jumped into offering 3G USB Dongle which includes Mobilink device called ‘Mobilink 3G MiFi and Dongle’, Zong 4G MiFi and Dongle and others service provider are soon to enter this highly competitive market. The price range of devices vary from Rs. 2500 to upto Rs. 15,000. Mobile Broadband is offered under two major types to choose from:
Prepaid USB Dongle
You have to pay for the dongle upfront and then you top up the balance. This is similar to the way you recharge your mobile phone with balance. You can top up your account for a minimum of a day to a maximum of 30 days. Once that expires, there is no limitation to renew it again. This is generally good for users who only use mobile broadband when travelling intra city and looking for reliable internet service
Postpaid USB Dongle
As the term speaks for itself, you have to pay for this service monthly however in this case usually service providers come up with offers and offer the device at nominal charges. This could be a good option if you are looking for high speed internet and unable to get DSL service at home however do note that usually USB dongle can be used on single laptop or device and does not have the capability to offer Wifi services for other devices to be connected to internet.