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About PTCL

About PTCL Broadband Internet Packages PTCL, the biggest broadband service provider in Pakistan, offers a host of services to consumers. Apart from landline and DSL, PTCL broadband also offers wireless internet services, wireless phone services, Smart TV and MiFi devices. is a comparison tool that provides solution for all up-to-date PTCL internet packages and services and complete details of broadband rates.

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Muhammad Zubair
I have installed PTCL Broad band services for my office work. but sorry to say it was most rubbish and disgusting service i have seen. no one visits me for my broadband services even though i have to wait 10 days to disconnect broadband services i tried 4 mb than 8 mb but all are useless i will never recommend any one for PTCL Broadband
Bullshit service. Full of crap and lies. My broadband never worked. Complained thousands of time. They close the support ticket without my acknowledgement. Receive bill on time, overcharged. I would never recommend PTCL to anyone. Just wondering how this company is still surviving.
I swear the worst internet never be mistaken to buy ptcl and whenever I call their customer service they just it will be fixed asap and then nothing happens so pissed off
A very third grade service and irresponsible workers have give up now and fedup of complaining. Wastage of money. no servicecoming properly still just sending bills. Soon I will be writing an article on this in newspaper to aware others. Font waste your money
poor quality of service and browsing in 4 Mbps connection at my home 29 B in RR camp. need a lot of improvement.
Ismail Farooq
Poor services by PTCL? Disconnecting problem every day. complaining from 3 weeks continuously but did not response . unsatisfied answers from their helpline number 1218 still facing same issues but they are not contacting with me. I am highly not recommend to choose PTCL? totally bad service. i have told many times if they not response than i will face highly refund but they do not care of their customer.
Omair Bin Asim Khan
I have been using PTCL DSL since last 7 years. Its a good internet service if you are lucky to have a good telephone connection. Any disturbance in the telephone line will result in service degradation. Over all its a good service and I will recommend it to anyone who who want to use a broad band service with little or no outage. They have also improved their customer services specially for broad band users.
Muhammad Usman Abbas
PTCL economy package is great for students and beginners freelancers / bloggers.

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PTCL Broadband Packages

PTCL has launched various broadband packages and bundles with speeds ranging from 1Mbps all the way to 100Mbps along with a variety broadband solutions including wired such as DSL, Fiber and wireless such as Charji, Evo Wingle and Evo Cloud.PTCL also has great all in one bundles that offers you an all in one package for your internet, telephony and TV needs!

DSL Packages

The company also offer PTCL DSL packages, starting from 1 Mbps to 100 Mbps. If you already have PTCL landline installed, adding DSL service is a no-time process of ordering it online and PTCL team will install your preferred internet service at your place.

Double Play

If you don't have PTCL landline and want to install PTCL broadband packages with DSL service, you would have to get PTCL landline. It is necessary to have landline to install broadband services from the company. Double Play package is basically Landline + DSL.

Triple Play

Triple Play PTCL packages It includes landline, DSL and Smart TV with both phone and SmartTV are free of cost if you are opting for 8 Mbps and above broadband connections (only applicable to monthly charges). Also, the SmartTV will share bandwidth with the DSL for bundles 8 Mbps and above rather than have dedicated bandwidth as in the case of packages lower than 8Mbps.

Quad Play

The Quadro Play broadband package by PTCL is a step ahead of Triple Play with the inclusion of IP Camera. The surveillance cameras are effective and can be viewed through dedicated IP online with the help of fast internet service available through PTCL DSL. The Quad Play broadband packages include PTCL landline as well as PTCL Smart TV.


PTCL offers Fiber-To-The-Home service as well. Available in some parts of the country, the fiber service provides high speed internet that does not suffer from dip in bandwidth (due to absence of any wiring to deteriorate service).

EVO Wingle

PTCL offers wireless EVO devices with net packages that include EVO 3.1 Mbps and EVO 9.3 Mbps Wingle devices. These wingle devices provide wireless internet in various parts of Pakistan, it is a plug-and-play de and very easy to use in the laptop or wingle supported router.

Charji Devices

PTCL offers Charji devices which are able to connect with multiple users and provide a complete environment where you can connect multiple devices including smartphones, laptops, routers and smart TVs with the devices to enjoy internet services.
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