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About Qubee

Qubee Pakistan is one of the leading broadband internet providers using WiMax technology in the country. Qubee, globally also working in India and Bangladesh, offers great packages to its users and continues to innovate to stay in competition. Qubee Packages & Speeds Qubee internet packages range from 1 MB to 3 MB, in both regular and unlimited category (with fair usage policy) that satisfies the need of the user base. Qubee internet packages in 2015 have been updated, bringing down the cost of internet and improving the speed for its customers. Recently Qubee joined hands with Wateen to acquire there customer base. Qubee Shuttle Devices Qubee Pakistan offers portable internet devices that you can carry around and use in different parts of the city or country that are covered by Qubee Pakistan. These portable devices work as plug-and-play devices and a Qubee internet package for these devices is affordable for users who prefer to use internet on the go. The shuttle devices are very handy and easily catch signals for great broadband experience. They can also be plugged into Qubee WiFi pocket router if you wish to use internet on multiple devices or via WiFi. Qubee Coverage Qubee offers broadband coverage in several urban areas of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Qubee internet packages are available in these areas and Qubee offers good internet speed at affordable rates.