Wi-tribe Internet Packages

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About Wi-tribe

Wi-tribe is one of the leading WiMax operators in Pakistan that offers Wireless broadband packages for users of all types. The residential users of Wi tribe enjoy a wide range of packages and services that enable them to use broadband speed they prefer at affordable rates. Wi-tribe Packages Wi tribe broadband packages range from speed 2 - 5 mbps that cater to both students and family, that includes regular as well as unlimited packages. Wi-tribe packages in 2016 have been updated keeping user demands in mind and changing dynamics of broadband internet in Pakistan. Witribe device are wifi enabled allowing multiple users whether on mobile, laptop or other wifi enabled devices to easily connect and enjoy wi tribe wifi. Wi-tribe also offers 3 day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with your internet service provided by Wi tribe, you can get full refund. To process your refund, you must inform their call center within 3 days of installation and take your device to the nearest service center. Wi-tribe Coverage Wi-Tribe is available in major urban centres of Pakistan such as Karachi, Lahore, Faislabad, Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Wi-Tribe offers unlimited internet packages for its users in all covered areas. Wi-Tribe Karachi is as effective as Wi-Tribe Lahore and Wi-Tribe Islamabad with same package options and customer service. Other Services Wi tribe along with internet also offers TV services via an app which you can download on your smartphone to easily watch on demand movies and live TV channels. As a wi tribe customer you can easily subscribe to them at a nominal fee per month.