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About Wi-tribe

Wi-tribe is one of the leading WiMax operators in Pakistan that offers Wireless broadband packages Wi-tribe Internet Packages Wi-tribe is one of the leading WiMax operators in Pakistan that offers Wireless broadband packages for users of all types. The residential users of Wi tribe enjoy a wide range of packages and services that enable them to use broadband speed they prefer at affordable rates.

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Syed Ali Hamza
One of the best internet service in Pakistan! wi-tribe LTE Advanced is way faster than other internet providers. I am a professional online gamer. My recommendation for all the gamers and heavy internet users is witribe LTE..!
its the best giving max speed all the time....the best much better than ptcl
Salman Mirza
Got tired of PTCL DSL service, landline issues at least once a week hence no connectivity at all, Evo Nitro 9.3 is lame as well. Got a 2 mbps connection 1 week ago of Wi-Tribe, Excellent Signal Strength in my area (full 4 lights), but very poor Internet service, average download speed on torrents did not exceed 12 kb/s .. below average browsing speed (same for peek and off peek hours). Would never recommend this to anyone, my sim (jazz 3g) gives better service than this with hot-spot turned on! after careful thought and hands on experience, will go for Zong 4G router 50GB, the best service in the market with competitive monthly packages (for now).
Wi-tribe is just a scam ISP. They will tell you all types of good things before you signup. After signup their facts will change on daily basis and the helpline/customer servise is worst than PTCL. I do not reocmmend using Wi-Tribe at all. I am gonna cancel my new connection ASAP. You will get faulty deivce and very slow internet. They are saying its 1.8 Mb/s while i have 0.17 Mb/s
Ahmed Ali
Slow speed i used ever
Muhammad Faizan
Wi-tribe is reliable and fast. It is quick in support response as well. No unannounced shutdowns. Smooth experience.

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    Internet provider shall then get in touch with you for installation and payment. is officially authorized by <Provider Name> to process customer request for new broadband connection.

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Wi-tribe Packages

Wi-tribe broadband packages range from speed 2 - 5 mbps that cater to both students and family, that includes regular as well as unlimited packages. Wi-tribe packages in 2017 have been updated keeping user demands in mind and changing dynamics of broadband internet in Pakistan.
Wi-tribe also offers 3 days money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with your internet service provided by Wi-tribe, you can get full refund. To process your refund, you must inform their call center within 3 days of installation and take your device to the nearest service center.

Wi-tribe Coverage

Wi-tribe is available in major urban centres of Pakistan such as Karachi, Lahore, Faislabad, Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Wi-tribe offers unlimited internet packages for its users in all covered areas. Wi-tribe offers same packages in Karachi as well as in Lahore.

Other Services

Wi-tribe also offers TV services via an app which you can download on your smartphone to easily watch on demand movies and live TV channels. As a wi-tribe customer you can easily subscribe to the tv services at a affordable fee per month.
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