9 Most Interesting Places to Visit with Family in Lahore!

Lahore, Urdu Lāhawr, second largest city of Pakistan and the capital of Punjab province. It lies 811 miles (1,305 km) northeast of Karāchi in the upper Indus plain on the Rāvi River, a tributary of the Indus. An important educational center, Lahore is the seat of the University of Punjab (1882), which is the oldest university in Pakistan.

Lahore is a leading commercial, banking, and industrial center. Textiles are the most critical industry, but there are many rubber factories, as well as iron, steel, and other mills. Railways and air services link Lahore with other major cities of Pakistan. Pop. (2005 est.) urban agglom., 6,289,000.

The Greater Iqbal Park, The Shahi-Qila and the Badshahi Masjid

Lahore Fort, which is mainly known as the Shahi Qila, is undoubtedly a magnificent sight to visit that reflects the true artistry of the Mughal era. Touring this place with family is one of the things you can do which takes you back to the glorious past of the Mughal era. The Shahi Qila that houses over twenty historical landmarks is found near the Walled City.

Alamgiri Gate is the only inlet for people visiting the Lahore Fort/Shahi Qila. It is an arched entrance having beautiful carvings engraved. Within this amazing site lies two more historical landmarks known as Moti Masjid and Sheesh Mahal, both of which were built by Emperor Shah Jahan. Shahi Qila is one of the five most famous historical forts in Pakistan.
Just across the Shahi Qila is the Badshahi Masjid, the Badshahi Mosque, popularly known as Badshahi Masjid, is another delightful remnant of the reign of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. It is one of the places you can visit in Lahore with your family while visiting the greater Iqbal Park.

The incredible structure of the Badshahi Mosque was constructed in 1674 with red sandstone. It features an expansive courtyard for thousands of worshippers having four minarets, each of which is around 60 meters in height, making it one of the largest mosques of Pakistan. The tomb of Alama Iqbal, the “Poet of the nation,” is also in the courtyard between the Shahi Qila and the Badshahi Masjid.

Greater Iqbal Park is home to Minar-i-Pakistan, a famous national monument of Pakistan that is situated adjacent to Badshahi masjid opposite to Shahi Qila. This minaret has a height of 60 meters and it took eight years for the construction of this landmark to get completed in the year 1968. Minar-i-Pakistan reminds us about the historical day when Pakistan’s resolution was passed in 1940. Greater Iqbal Park is one of the coolest places to visit in Lahore with family. As it only reminds us of the glorious past but also it’s a great piece of architecture as well.

Address: Fort Rd, Walled City, Lahore
Timings: 8am-8pm
Ticket: Rs.30 for Shahi-Qila and Rs.30 for Badshahi Masjid.

Shalimar Gardens

Visiting Shalimar Gardens with family is one of the most incredible and exciting things to do in Lahore. Spanning over 80 acres, it is considered as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Pakistan. Shah Jahan was the Mughal Emperor on the orders of whom; this beautiful place was constructed back in 1641.

Shalimar Gardens reflects the vibrancy of Islamic art and architecture of the Mughal era. It is a place where you will come across waterfalls, ponds. Shalimar Gardens, which is also sometimes spelled as Shalamar Gardens, was originally designed to entertain guests of the royal family.

The Shalimar Garden known in Urdu as (Shalimar Bagh) is an essence of the Mughal era. It has three main terraces, named the giver of the life, the giver of pleasure and the giver of goodness. There are more than 400 fountains that water the gardens. This beautiful evergreen garden surely a place to visit with your friends and family to refresh your mind and nature. If you see nothing else in Lahore, then you must see these gardens.

The gardens are built on three levels, each one lower than the other and you can experience a different kind of beauty on each level of garden with its sprawling landscape it’s a good place to plan a picnic on a warm sunny day.

Address: Shalamar Chowk, G. T. Road, Shalamar Town, Lahore
Timing: 8 am – 6 pm
Entry Fee: PKR 10

Lahore Museum

Lahore Museum is a great place to visit with family. Lahore museum is counted among the oldest museums found in Asia. Lahore Museum is also one of the most recommended family attractions in Lahore. It is also counted among the oldest museums found in Asia; it was constructed in the 1800s during the time of British rule in the subcontinent.

The fantastic architecture of this museum is a testimony to the artistic excellence with which it was built.
There are over a dozen separate galleries in this museum each one having sculptures, artifacts, and artworks on display. Some of the oldest manuscripts of the Holy Quran can also be found in the Lahore museum. People who are in love with history and the artifacts, the museum is a heaven for all such souls.

Address: Mall Rd, Anarkali Bazaar, Lahore
Timing: 9am – 3:30pm
Entry Fee: PKR 20
Note: Usage of cameras and phones is not allowed in the museum

SOZO Water Park

Sozo Water Park is one of the biggest water parks in Lahore. Sozo Water Park is believed to be one of the biggest water parks in Lahore. This place offers fun activities for the whole family. Especially in summers, it is one of the most amazing family attractions in Lahore.

To beat the scorching heat of the summer and to relax you can visit this water park where people have fun by enjoying different types of water slides available in the park. One of the main attractions of Sozo Water Park is the 10-foot wide water body that flows like an actual river. This place is also home to a ladies-only water park where kids of up to 10 years of age are allowed to enter all ladies’ area.

Address: Canal Bank Road, Lahore
Timing: 10.30 am – 5.30 pm
Entry Fee: PKR 350 for adults and PKR 250 for children
Note: Ticket prices may vary on weekends and public holidays

Lahore Zoo Safari Park

Lahore Zoo Safari Park is home to some incredible wildlife species of the kingdom Animalia. It’s the place where children and parents together can enjoy an up-close look at wildlife and learn more about animals, it’s a place like no other to experience. It is one of the most popular places to visit in Lahore with the family with dozens of different animals like lions, Bengal tigers, jaguars, blue bulls and many other beautiful species.

Lahore Zoo Safari Park is also home to a lake where people can spend time enjoying boating and fishing. The existence of an amusement park with fantastic rides in the premises doubles the excitement of kids visiting this place.

Safari Park is the best place to see the wild animal live in your life from very close and you can even touch them. Fishing and Boating facilities now available in Safari Park near a lake and safari tracks for the lion and Bengal tiger areas are the most popular things of this Park.

Address: Safari Road, Lahore
Timings: 7:00 am – 8:00 pm
Entry Fee: PKR 40 for adults and PKR 20 for children
Note: The additional entry fee on car/van/minibus is PKR 250 per vehicle

Wazir Khan Mosque

The Wazir Khan Masjid is a Mughal era mosque in the city of Lahore. The work of the Qashani tile is a direct contrast to the beauty of the Lahore Fort. This place is a dream comes true for the photographers as they witness the glazed colorful tile art with intricate designs. The beautiful floral motifs and blue-green combination calligraphy add glance to its beauty across its frontal.

Wagah Border

Thousands of people attend the flag ceremony feeling enthusiastic cheering with the crowd. The elaborate drill on both sides held at Wagah Border every evening. Each day thousands of tourists especially tourists come to witness the Wagah border ceremony and you might be interested ad fascinated to see the parade from “JAwans” of both Pakistan and India every day before the border closes for the day.

This parade and flag ceremony is a must-attend while visiting Lahore…it would equally exhilarating for you as well as your children to be part of such epic moments.

Jallo Park

The Park has some attractive facilities for people like Wildlife Breeding Center, Forest Research Center, the food spots, a theme park, a swimming pool, a large lake for boating and fishing and a very important thing is the sports complex that attracts people towards this park.

It is a relatively new development/addition to the city as compared to others on this list. You can have a small picnic at this beautiful location away from all the kinds of hustle and bustle of the city.

Phajjay Ke Paye and Butt Karahi a Lahore’s feast

Phajjay Ke Paye of a goat is a famous cooking traditional in Lahore and many people take them in their breakfast. Phajjay Ke Paye is a famous place located close to Badshahi Mosque Lahore. Phaje dey Siri Paye is a genuine symbol of Lahore for more than 50 years and they cooked in a customary and finest style and away more important thing is that no part of the goat can contend this. However simply hearty Lahore hospitality serves a warm plate of paye with straight from the stove with kulchas(Parathas) or Naan on a cool morning is an ideal breakfast especially for Punjabi but tourists can also taste them and they enjoyed their taste too.

Butt Karahi is one of the feasts you can enjoy in Lahore, the amazing part about this karahi is that it’s made with organic chicken tossed in (Desi Ghee) with spices and tomatoes and garnished with fresh ginger and coriander, a finger-licking treat to tantalize your taste-buds, when you visit Lahore, visiting these places is a must-must……

Lahore is the land of Sufis and food lovers, a famous slogan that goes with the people of Lahore, “Zinda-Dillane-Lahore” so whenever you visit Lahore do try these things… make your visit worthwhile!!

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