Shop Online With Confidence Using Easypay Buyer Protection!

With more and more e-commerce stores opening by the day aimed at making shopping easier and hassle free for the customer, the only worry that remains is that are you truly getting what you’re paying for? To alleviate this concern, Easypay has launched Pakistan’s first Escrow Buyer Protection service to further secure online shopping.

In Pakistan, consumers have an overall lack of trust in online shopping mainly due the risk of fraud. To counter this lack of trust, e-commerce stores have introduced Cash on Delivery option so that the consumer only pays for the product at the time of receiving the product which is mainly due to the consumer’s fear of the product being not authentic or not perfect in condition and working. However CoD has its own risks as the customer is not handed the product for assessment until and unless the delivery personnel has being paid in cash.

Aimed at building trust and confidence, the consumer will be able to pay in advance for all their online purchases. Buyer protection withholds payment from the seller until and unless the customer has received the product and has checked it and intimated their satisfaction with it. In case the customer has any issue, for example the product not being the same as advertised or is damaged, they can raise a dispute with Easypay. After which the customer will be given the option to get a refund or a replacement of the said product.

How it works?
The buyer simply has to fill a dispute form (dispatched with the shipment) along with a detailed description of the issue being faced along with supporting evidence (photo/video) within 7 days of receiving the package. This initiates the first phase of dispute resolution whereby the merchant and customer are given an opportunity to resolve the issue amongst themselves within the next 7 days. If the dispute remains unresolved, the next phase of resolution is initiated wherein the Easypay dispute resolution committee shall assess the dispute details and supporting evidence and give a final decision in either party’s favor.

Shedding light on this major development, Yahya Khan, Chief Financial Services Officer, Telenor Pakistan said, “Through Easypay Buyer Protection, we have engineered a solution that would boost Pakistani buyers’ confidence in online shopping, giving them the right to spend their hard-earned money only when they are satisfied with their purchase. This is the very first time that a Buyer Protection service has been introduced for online shoppers where consumers will get their money back if they are dissatisfied with their purchase, and we are proud that Easypay has pioneered it.  We really hope that Easypay Buyer Protection helps overcome trust and results in the growth of the local e-commerce sector.”

Taking advantage of this new service offering, a number of online shopping sites have already signed up for Easypay Buyer Protection some of which are, & For more details about the terms and conditions of Easypay Buyer Protection, follow the link below:

This post was last modified on August 3, 2016 1:22 pm

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