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5 Top Banks Offering Credit Cards in Pakistan

Credit Card in Pakistan

If you are someone who makes large amounts of transactions every day or if you simply do not like carrying cash in your pocket, then getting a credit card is a solution for your problems. In Pakistan, with the development of the department of finance, many banks have established and they offer various services, such as credit cards, to ready customers.

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Why should credit cards be used in the first place?

Here are some advantages of credit cards which show why you should use a credit card in the first place:

  1. You do not have to count your cash before paying bills of any kind or check if you have enough of it or not.
  2. It is also a safer way of carrying money; cash always attracts thieves and robbers especially in a high crime rate country like Pakistan.
  3. For some, carrying cash itself seems a burden. Going to an ATM every now and then and filling wallets up with paper money can be very irritating.
  4. Besides these obvious advantages of using credit cards, one also gets the favours that the credit card packages offer to the clients.

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Credit cards and their utilization in Pakistan:

People have only recently started using credit cards in Pakistan and mainly for shopping. People create multiple accounts and various credit cards that offer various services and use them according to their needs. If extra money from the bank is used up, the bank charges a certain amount of interest that one can pay later. This service was mainly devised for salaried people who have limited amount of money available. Credit cards offer emergency loan from the bank and people can return it as soon as they get their salary. This is the general trend of credit card usage in Pakistan.

The “How to’s” of a credit card:

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What to look for when getting a credit card?

The comparison of the packages and policies offered by different banks is very important. Following are a few steps to help you choose a suitable credit card:

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5 banks and their credit card packages and policies:

Following are the top five banks in Pakistan that offer credit cards along with the packages and policies they offer.

Bank Alfalah offers Three kinds of cards, classic/gold card, titanium card and platinum card. The packages are all the same however, as we move from classic to platinum, the services get better and wider. These services include worldwide accessibility, reward points, instalment pays, CIP lounge access etc. it also offers a cheque book with up to 50% credit limit utility and chip based credit cards with extra security.

Faysal bank offers five types of credit cards, world, platinum, titanium (platinum-gold combo), mc² (unique style and chip technology) and Airblue (travel friendly credit). Through Airblue, we can accumulate blue miles and redeem them for free tickets. Their world credit card is the most expensive and offers maximum luxuries all around the world.

They offer the Visa Platinum card, Mastercard Titanium credit card and Visa Gold card. Apart from these this bank offers Cash Back credit card and the easy credit card. The easy card has the lowest financial charge and global accessibility while the cashback card reduces monthly financial burdens.

UBL offers three types of cards, UBL credit card, UBL PSO auto credit card, and UBL Visa Platinum. Platinum is the most expensive whereas UBL credit card is the cheapest. The PSO auto credit offers fuel saving from PSO specifically.

Habib Bank Limited offers four types of credit cards i.e. fuel saver, green, gold and platinum. The fuel saver card has further sub-types, green and gold. It basically offers saving on fuel cost ‘reducing the burden of monthly fuel expense’. The features and benefits of the gold and green credit card are the same whereas the platinum credit card offers everything at a grander level, offering and receiving larger amounts.


Credit cards are one step ahead to the financial development within our country, keeping up with these developments will make us financially compatible with other nations.


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