PTCL Offer High Speed Internet at Amazing New Prices

To compete with new entrants in market offering PTCL broadband services and more specifically Fiber internet providers, PTCL has significantly reduced prices of high-speed internet services and introduced new packages at amazing new prices. Considering how PTCL did not offer true Fiber-to-Home service (absence of GPON device), this is a significant development and makes extremely fast internet affordable for masses.

What is significant is the there is no download limit or download cap, customers will be upgraded from capped PTCL net packages to unlimited and depending upon budget customers can experience speed up to 100 Mbps. IPTV is free with these packages (no monthly charges).

Following are the details of these new packages:

Broadband Bundle Packages

MRC (Rs.) (Prorated)



8 Mbps


Unlimited, No FUP


12 Mbps


Unlimited, No FUP


16 Mbps


Unlimited, No FUP


20 Mbps


Unlimited, No FUP


30 Mbps


Unlimited, No FUP


50 Mbps


Unlimited, No FUP


100 Mbps


Unlimited, No FUP


 Good part

– Free Smart TV
– Free Freedom packages (make PTCL landline calls at no cost)
– Absolutely uncapped internet (truly unlimited internet)
Bad part

– Installation charge increased from 1,500 to Rs. 2,500
– Taxes will be charged on top of your bill, so if you subscribe to 8Mb, you are likely to get bill of Rs.4,000
– All high speed packages may not be available in all cities due to infrastructure restrictions
– Current subscribers on DSL 8 Mbps Unlimited & above will stay on their current plan.

However there is a way existing customers can avail these new prices by reducing the package to 4Mb and then upgrade to 8Mb or higher.

All these new packages and prices are available on Smartchoice and can be ordered for new installation along with Phone and TV.



This post was last modified on August 4, 2016 10:41 am

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