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Jubilee General Launches “Musafir” Traveler’s Insurance.

We live in the modern age and communication is a key part of our lives. Communication can be done through many ways however the most common way is travelling. We travel daily for various purposes be it for business, leisure or daily chores etc. On a day to day basis the number of vehicles on the road is vastly increasing and thus the number of accidents during daily commute is on the rise too. According to the data gathered by WHO on road traffic accidents in Pakistan, the country experienced over 30,310 deaths from RTAs in 2014. Worldwide, over 3,400 people die every day and thousands get injured, according to WHO. In Pakistan even though laws exist on paper they are not properly followed and hence insurance is always a good idea to safeguard yourself and your loved ones during such times of distress.

Speaking of Pakistan, in our country a large number of people belonging to middle/labor class travel  via buses/coaches for long distances as these seem to be a better option than the crippled railways system which are always delayed by many hours. Also, many coach companies provide eticketing/phone-based ticketing systems and reach places/routes where train does not have direct access. Coach services have shuttle based systems that enable passengers to easily reach the main terminal. Some big companies also offer food and entertainment systems onboard which are not charged separately hence it makes sense to have a comfortable and enjoyable journey. However, due to the rough terrains and imperfect roads, accidents can happen and which is why insurance comes into the picture.

Coming to insurance, let us elaborate what is insurance, how it works and what are its possible benefits and incentives. Travel insurance is basically a safeguard in case of injury, disability or death. Most of such travellers are usually sole bread-winners and travel to villages from major cities where they earn their bread to visit family on occasions such as Eid or weddings. Hence, the whole family back home is dependent on them year round. What travel insurance does is offer a safety net to the travellers in case of any untoward incident of injury or death. The family can be given a good enough compensation to start any other small business to earn steady revenue and support the family in case of an accident or death. Truth be told there is no true alternative to a human being but at least the traveller has a peace of mind that if some disaster or calamity befalls then at least his family doesn’t come under any burden and can generate a revenue stream by the amount of compensation. Thus, it’s not only good for the one having insurance but also for the family back at home.

Jubilee Insurance is a market leader in providing life and general insurance services. They offer innovative insurance solutions to cater to all sorts of situations.  Currently, they have introduced domestic travel insurance for bus passengers by the name of “Musafir”. Musafir is an insurance package that will be offered to long distance domestic travel providers who will incorporate it if the traveler wishes to opt for the insurance. The insurance charges will be determined on the number of passengers for a particular carrier as well as the class in which the customer is planning to travel or a certain percentage of the total ticket price. The insurance will also last till the duration of the journey. In case of any accident, the family or the traveler himself can E-claim the insurance via the Jubilee General website or at their respective offices.

We hope the above information would turn out to be useful for our readers and help them have an in depth understanding of what’s being offered and how to avail it. We believe that it benefits both the service provider and the end user as the service provider is worry free in case of any accidents for any damage can be claimed under the insurance policy and the passenger also has the peace of mind. What are your thoughts on Jubilee Musafir, let us know in the comments section.

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