Benefits of Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is necessary for any international trip to provide financial protection in the event of unexpected medical emergencies while abroad. Smartchoice offers a comparison of the best travel insurance options in Pakistan from top providers, ensuring you receive the best price and comprehensive medical coverage for destinations such as Schengen, UK, USA, Turkey, and worldwide.

Some of the key benefits

Enhanced medical coverage of up to US$100,000

Schengen-compliant insurance policies

Comprehensive protection for trip cancellation and delayed departure

Coverage for loss of baggage and passport

Refundable in an event of trip cancellation

Why choose Smartchoice for Travel Insurance?

Smartchoice is one of the leading insurance platforms that helps you find travel insurance plans with the best coverage and features while also saving you money.

Compare 1200+ policies

Find the best option among 1200+ travel insurance policies tailored to match your specific requirements

Best price guarantee

Benefit from the most competitive rates pre-negotiated with our insurance partners, ensuring savings you won't easily find elsewhere.

Instant policy issuance

Enjoy the convenience of receiving your policy documents instantly, eliminating the need for tedious back-and-forth communication.

Refund support

We have your back to help you get a refund in the event of trip cancellation.

Buy Travel Insurance in just 3
easy steps


Enter your basic information along with trip details to find travel policies tailored to your needs.


Evaluate prices, compare coverage details, features, and benefits, and choose the best option.


Purchase your desired policy online from the convenience of your home or office and receive policy documents instantly.

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Travel Insurance Guide

Travel insurance provides protection against a variety of unforeseen events during your travels, including medical emergencies, loss of passport or luggage, delayed departure, and more.

Simply enter your travel dates and other relevant information on our website. Compare plans from different providers and conveniently buy online using various payment options.

You can make payments via Credit/Debit Card, Bank transfer, or COD (cash on delivery).

Upon recieving payment, your travel insurance policy will be available in your email inbox in 60 minutes or less.

It's always wise to save money, especially when going on vacation. Instead of spending a fortune on your insurance policy, consider using It allows you to search and compare insurance companies at once, instantly providing you with the best quotes. You can then purchase your travel policy directly from the website.

When making a travel insurance claim, ensure you have your important documents with you. Contact your insurer immediately and provide them with details of the incident. You will be sent a claim form or can download it from the insurer's website. Act promptly, as there is often a deadline of 31 days. If you require medical treatment abroad, seek authorization from your insurer beforehand.

In the event of theft or other crimes while on holiday or a business trip, contact the police within 24 hours of the incident. Your insurer will likely require a police report or crime reference number to process your claim. For lost or stolen personal belongings, you may need to provide receipts as proof of value and ownership.

Keep in mind that your policy has a maximum coverage limit for each type of claim. Additionally, certain activities, such as injuries caused by intoxication or participation in hazardous sports, may not be covered.

Yes, you can extend your travel policy while traveling. However, certain requirements must be met, such as not having made any claims prior to the extension request. The provider may also require an authorized letter from a physician stating that the insured is in good health. Additionally, a declaration from the person requesting the extension is necessary. If approved, extra charges will apply for the extended days, not exceeding a total of 90 days.

Yes, you can easily purchase travel insurance for your parents, even if you are residing abroad and they are traveling from Pakistan. Many insurance companies offer coverage on a country-by-country basis. It's important to find the right insurance policy for your parents, and keep in mind that premiums may increase for individuals over the age of 64.

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