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student travel insurance


Taking student exchange program or travelling to schengen countries for higher education? Get travel insurance specially designed for students offering health coverage and other benefits. Compare and buy insurance plans online.

Religion travel insurance


Embrace your religious pilgrimage with spirituality by getting travel insurance for Ziyarat, Hajj & Umrah. Check out our multiple religious travel insurance policies starting from as low as Rs. 500

Multi trips travel insurance

Multi Trips

Are you a frequent business traveller or just a travel freak? Why not get a multi-trip insurance cover? Get the best-priced insurance policy that covers you all year round coverage. Now travel without worries

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Travel Insurance Guide

Travel insurance offers protection against a range of unforeseen events during travelling, including medical emergencies, loss of passport and/or luggage, delayed departure and many others alike.

There are multiple payment options available i.e. Pay via Credit/Debit Card, Bank transfer, and COD (cash on delivery).

It`s always a good practice to save money specially when you are going on vacations,so you can spend more on other important things rather than on your insurance policy. Prices may differ from company to company, You can search for a comparison platform like that allows you to search and compare insurance companies at once and get the best quotes instantly and helps you buy your travel policy straight from the website.

Take your important insurance documents with you while travelling. You need your policy number and contact details of the claims line while claiming your insurance abroad. Most insurer run a 24 hour emergency assistance service.

If you think you need to lodge a travel insurance claim, you should contact your insurer straightaway and give them some details of the incident.You will be the sent a claim form or you can download it form insurer’s website.There is often a deadline of 31 days, but it's always best to act promptly.Remember too that if you need medical treatment while you are abroad you might first need to seek authorisation from your insurer.

Anyone who is a victim of theft or other crime while on holiday or business trip, should contact the police, preferably within 24 hours of the incident. They might not be able to catch the thief or recover the stolen goods, but your insurer will almost certainly request a police report or crime reference number to pursue a claim.

If your personal belongings are lost or stolen, you might need to provide receipts as proof of value and ownership.

Your policy will only pay up to a certain amount in the event of claim and it can vary according to the type of claim. If you injure yourself while drunk or engaging in a hazardous sport,you might not be covered.

Enter travel dates and other information on our website, compare travel insurance quotes from different insurance companies, and buy online using multiple payment options.

Upon recieving payment, your travel insurance policy will be available in your email inbox in 60 minutes or less.

The travel insurance policy can be extended while travelling due to any reason, but there are certain requirements by the provider to process the extension request, the insured should not have made any claim till date he is puts in the extension request, authorized letter by the physician to be provided endorsing that the insured is in good health as well as a declaration needs to be presented by the person requesting extension, the approval is required by the provider if approved, extra charges need to be paid as per extended days that should not exceed more than 90 days in total.

You can easily buy travel insurance for your parents, even if you are residing abroad and buying for your parents travelling from Pakistan. There are multiple insurance companies providing coverage country wise so it’s important you find the right insurance policy for your parents, if your parents age is above 64, then policy premium may increase.

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