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Attending a business meeting? Going on a vacation with family? planning a pilgrimage? No matter what, travel insurance gives you freedom to focus on your plans instead of worrying about your well-being.

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Why Travel insurance

Having a travel insurance policy can ensure your safety so you can have a smooth trip abroad and if GOD forbid things go awry then you’re not burdened by financial woes and unneeded stress.

Travel Tip

Get an annual travel policy if you’re a frequent traveler. It helps save money and keeps you away from the hassle of getting travel insurance for each trip!

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What does travel insurance cover?

Carrying winter clothes in your baggage and it gets lost? Definitely a huge headache as winter clothes are much expensive and one may not have enough cash to compensate but if you are insured then baggage loss would be compensated for, that was checked-in during your flight.

How to get the best travel insurance?

It’s always a sensible choice to first choose your trip dates and only then opt for travel insurance, also another wise thing to do is to save your money by buying insurance policy for only the number of days that you are travelling for hence always buy the travel insurance policy after your trip is confirmed.

Is travel insurance important?

For travel to countries such as USA, UK, Canada and especially to get a Schengen Visa, it’s mandatory to have travel insurance otherwise you cannot apply for a Visa and thus travelling without a travel insurance plan becomes Impossible.