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When it is about getting any kind of insurance, then there are some of the reputed names that you can easily trust. The United Insurance Company of Pakistan is one of those pioneer companies that has brought a revolution in the discipline of finance in Pakistan. Founded in 1959 by the then leading industrialist of Pakistan, Mr Fakhruddin Valika, the United insurance company proved its potential with the passage of time. It was operational in Pakistan including East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). UIC operating more than 100 branches all over Pakistan. UIC doing General business including Group Health Insurance, Travel Insurance (Health), Car Insurance, Travel Bonds & Guarantees, Livestock and Crop Insurance. With a wide range of services, the United insurance company also offers fire insurance that covers riot and strike damage, home insurance plan, terrorism cover etc. Similarly, the engineering insurance is also offered in which adequate protection against different sorts of damages is provided like plant and machinery insurance, electronic equipment insurance etc,

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