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To find the desired policy in the search tab select your city, the people you want to buy coverage for, it can be for you or family, add their ages and the nature of the relationship you share, click search to see the list of plans and providers.


Each health policy comes with different features, you can easily compare based on the category of the room such as Private. General ward etc.hospitalization cover, hospitals, discounts on labs and finally the insurance premium that you have to pay.

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Once you have made up your mind, you can easily buy health policy just provide basic details of members you wish to cover & pay via multiple options we offer including credit card, cash on delivery, bank transfer. In case of online payment policy shall be sent on email & health card shall be delivered in 15 working days.

Benefits of Health Insurance in Pakistan

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All your medical needs ranging from Inpatient, Outpatient and Maternity cover. It covers you against the costs incurred as a result of illness and accident.

The true value of health insurance is in the access to quality healthcare that it offers you at the time of an acute, unforeseen medical emergency, such as a heart attack, an accident or the onset of cancer; emergencies which require costly treatment and can set back a family’s finances by many years. Not in the treatment of day to day ailments which undervalue the worth of such a product and unnecessarily increase the cost of health.

Health insurance to some extent is counted as an essential need of humans. If you look around yourself, there are various health insurance companies in Pakistan that provide different rates on different plans and finding the right one can be difficult. Comparing health insurance plans can be one of the solutions where you can compare all the best insurance companies in Pakistan and for that you can use which enables you to compare four insurance companies side by side at the same time. Once you have decided what suits you the best you can also buy and save on your health insurance policy directly from

Have you ever been in a situation where you have to compromise on your health just because you pocket was limiting the medical expenses?Can you predict the timing of your illness? It’s easy to get sick but does your pocket allow you to bear such unexpected medical expenses? We might save for a dream vacation, a dream car or a child’s dream. But seldom do we set aside a portion of our savings for any ailment. Yet, despite our best efforts, illnesses do occur. With the ever increasing cost of health care, these unforeseen circumstances can take a toll on our savings.

Family health insurance in Pakistan has been specially designed to provide health cover to you, your spouse and your children under a single policy in case of any illness or accident that leads to hospitalisation. These policies have cashless claim process registered with a vast network of qualified doctors and proper hospitals.The amount of sum insured floats over the entire family – this means that the limit can be used by any member of the family and for any number of times.

You try to be very precautious about your health,you eat healthy,make healthy decisions for yourself but what if you get any unexpected ailment and you most importantly your pocket was not ready for it.This where Individual Health Insurance comes forward and take situation in control,it will provide you cashless claim,hospitalization expenses, surgical & miscellaneous expenses.The individual health insurance age limits are between 18-49 years is eligible for this coverage (Once covered, policy can be renewed yearly till age 60).

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