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student travel insurance


Are you taking part in a student exchange program or planning to pursue higher education in Schengen countries? Consider getting travel insurance specially designed for students, which offers health coverage and other benefits.

Religion travel insurance


If you're embarking on a religious pilgrimage for Ziyarat, Hajj, or Umrah, enhance your spiritual journey by obtaining travel insurance. Explore our range of religious travel insurance policies, with prices starting as low as Rs. 500.

Multi trips travel insurance

Multi Trips

Whether you're a frequent business traveler or simply a travel enthusiast, why not opt for a multi-trip cover? Enjoy year-round coverage with the best-priced insurance policy. Travel without worries, knowing you're protected.

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Are you planning to travel to South Africa from Pakistan?

Either you have a trip planned alone or you are going to visit with family or friends, South African travel insurance can be the key to keep you safe from all the hassle that you might have to face during the visit. To apply for travel insurance for South Africa you just have to provide few documents including an identity proof and permanent address.

In case of an emergency situation, theft or an accident during your trip where you need to make a claim, you should have some valid proof of the incident. You can report to the police within 24 hours of the incident occurred, with all the details about the occurrence as the insurer will need the police report to process your claim. You will also need to provide the insurer details of your stolen or damaged goods along with the proof of ownership of those goods

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