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IGI Travel Insurance

Travel Sure by IGI General Insurance offers an enhanced policy for Schengen states and all other worldwide destinations, it covers the policyholder for up to US$ 100,000 which provides coverage for medical expenses abroad for both hospitalization and out-patient treatment and dental care. It is amongst top of the line finest travel plan that has been specially tailored according to the policyholder's traveling needs and in order to make the journey stress free with the guarantee that any and all emergencies will be taken care of in a prompt and professional manner.

Embassy Referrals

IGI General Insurance will provide the address, telephone number and hours of opening of the nearest appropriate consulate and embassy worldwide while travelling outside Pakistan.

  • Telephone Medical Advice

  • The insurance company provides an online medical consultation facility to the policyholder, in case an immediate prescription or consultation is needed when travelling abroad.
  • Medical Service Provider Referral

  • IGI General Insurance facilitates referrals with reference to physicians, hospitals, clinics or any other medical service provider requested by the policyholder. Service is available 24 hours a day, worldwide.
  • Arrangement of Hospital Admission

  • The travel policy provides the benefit of Accident and sickness expenses which includes (hospitalization and OPD) the plan offers hospitalization (for longer plans)
  • Medical Translation Services

  • The policy provides the benefit of translation of reports and medical prescription in the overseas while travelling in case of any emergency.
  • Delivery of Essential Medicine

  • The IGI Travel policy offers the benefit of delivering the essential medicines to the policyholder in the time of need as per the physician’s suggestion/prescription.
  • Arrangement of Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation

IGI Travel Insurance assists and the company shall pay for the necessary & reasonable expenses incurred in the necessary emergency evacuation of the insured resulting from an illness or injury during the policyholder trip up to the maximum amount as stated in the table of benefits of emergency medical expenses in the policy document. The travel policy also offers the benefit of repatriation following the death of a close family member.

Arrangement of Compassionate visit

  • IGI Insurance will reimburse, in the event that the policyholder has suffered injury or illness during the covered trip and while the policyholder is confined in a hospital for over seven (7) successive days, for up to the cost of an economy class round-trip airfare and accommodation expenses up to US$100 per day for a close family member to travel to, stay or accompany the policyholder. The treatment must be recommended by a medical practitioner and approved by the company and IGI General Insurance.
  • Arrangement of Return of Minor Children

    IGI General Insurance will reimburse the policyholder in the event that the covered individual has suffered from injury or illness during the covered trip and is restrained in the hospital, for an economy class airfare for each of the children to travel back to the home country. The child must be travelling with the policyholder and is left unattended due to the policyholder's injury, illness or confinement to the hospital. This coverage must be approved by IGI General and recommended by the medical practitioner.

  • Arrangement of Accommodation

    IGI General Travel Insurance under your travel policy provides for reasonable additional accommodation and travel expenses if the policyholder is unable to travel because of an injury/illness.

  • Interpreter Referral

    The IGI General Travel Insurance will provide the address, telephone number and hours of opening of interpreters worldwide while travelling outside Pakistan. This feature facilitates people traveling abroad and may have to face language barriers.

  • Lost Luggage and Passport Assistance

    We all understand that sometimes, living out of a suitcase can mean a sense of constant urgency and rush, in the middle of which, you might end up misplacing important documents – your passport or luggage, for instance. A carefully chosen travel insurance policy can be your go-to ally in such dismal conditions, for it can allow you pursue adequate compensation against financial damages sustained.

  • Trip cancellation or Curtailment

    The company will reimburse the policyholder up to the maximum amount as stated in the policy document regarding trip cancellation and curtailment, for any irreversible and unused travel fare, accommodation expenses and other pre-paid charges which have been paid in advance or contracted to be paid for which the policyholder is legally responsible, due to; - Unanticipated Illness, Injury or accidental death of the policyholder or policyholder’s family member. Injury or Illness must be so incapacitating as to reasonably cause an covered trip to be cancelled or interrupted.

  • Legal Referrals

    IGI General Insurance will help the policyholder contact a local lawyer or the appropriate consular officer when the policyholder is arrested or apprehended, is in an automobile accident, or otherwise needs legal help. The insurance provider will maintain communications with the policyholder, family, and business associates until legal counsel has been retained by or for the policyholder.

Emergency Travel Service Assistance

Travel Assistance Provides Immediate Support and Assistance in Case of an Emergency in terms of cash and travel assistance as and when required.

Emergency Document Delivery

The insurance company provides assistance in delivery of the urgent and important delivery of the needed documents to the policyholder or the family in the home country.

Accidental Death

In case of death of the insured due to an accident within the policy period, the nominee (mentioned in the policy) is compensated with the Sum Insured.

Permanent Total Disablement (PTD)

Personal Accident pays compensation against the permanent and total loss of limbs, sight etc. due to an accident.

General Policy Exclusions

We will not pay any claim, which results from loss or damage to Property or expense, directly or indirectly caused by:

  1. Medical expenses arising out of Pre-existing Conditions.
  2. Insured Persons traveling abroad to obtain medical treatment as a consequence of accident, illness or Pre-existing Conditions.
  3. Any expenses for medical evacuation or repatriation if the Insured Person is not suffering from a Serious Medical Condition and can be treated locally.
  4. Any treatment or expenses related to childbirth, miscarriage or pregnancy.
  5. Any loss sustained while the Insured Person is participating in any professional/extreme sport or engaging in any non scheduled flight.
  6. Any expenses incurred as a result of a self-induced injury, suicide, drug addiction or abuse, alcohol abuse, or sexually transmitted diseases.
  7. Any expenses related to the Insured Person engaging in the commission of an unlawful act.
  8. If there is any single claim of Multi-trip policy, it will expire for the remaining duration.
  9. Maximum 30 days stay limit applied in one trip in 1 Year (Multi trip) plans for age more than 65 years, after any one trip policy will expire.

COVID-19 Coverage

The Company shall pay for necessary and reasonable emergency medical expenses for hospitalization abroad if the insured person suffers from COVID 19 during his/her insured trip, up to maximum amount as stated below in the compensation table.

Features of IGI General Insurance

Family coverage will include the insured and spouse and 3 children from one month to 18 years of age.

Coverage includes only one spouse, if either spouse's age is more than 65 years it will be considered as a senior citizen plan. 100% of medical expense limit for each family member, 50% of accidental death and permanent total disability limit for the spouse and 25% of the same children.

Medical benefits plans are limited to hospitalization only Premium are inclusive of all taxes and stamp duties Maximum stay per trip in one year (multi trips) policy 90 days.

Maximum 30 days stay limit applied in one year (multi trip plans for age more than 65 years of age, after anyone of trip policy will expired


  1. The policyholder shall immediately contact the Help Line of Third Party Administrator stating the necessary details. from anywhere in the World
  2. In the event of an accident or sudden Illness where it is not possible to contact the Helpline before consulting a physician or going to a hospital, the policyholder shall contact the Helpline Number as soon as possible. In either case, when being admitted as a patient, the policyholder shall visit the concerned physician or personnel as per the policy document.
  3. Written notice of claim must be given to IGI General Insurance within 21 days of the date of the incident causing loss.
  4. IGI General Insurance will send the claim forms to the claimant within 7 days of the notice of claim.

Cancellation of Policy Due to Non Consumption by the policyholder

Policy can be cancelled, upon written request of the insured due to non-utilization of cover only if:

  1. The policyholder returns the original policy insurance certificate along with a request letter for cancellation.
  2. The policyholder can request to cancel the policy before the effective date.
  3. The policyholder should submit his full passport copy (photo state) as a proof that he/ she has not traveled before the effective date written on the policy or,
  4. Original letter from the consulate requesting for the cancellation of the policy shall be required.
  5. On fulfilling the aforementioned requirements, the premium will be refunded after deduction of service charges.
  6. Refund will not be accepted if the request is made after 120 days from the effective date of coverage in case of incomplete documents. Note:- Policy cancellation will not be applicable if visa is granted for the countries where travel insurance is mandatory to obtain the visa.

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