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About UBL Travel Insurance

Traveling is an integral part of many people’s lives. You need to plan well for a trip you will be taking so that everything goes smoothly for your.

UBL Insurers “Traveler” makes it a lot easier for you to confront the uncertainties that may be met at one point or the other in the course of travelling e.g. complexities like illness, injury or losses. Having UBL travel insurance mean that you have a fall-back plan when you are confronted by such challenges that may make your travel experience not worth remembering. Traveller covers major areas of unanticipated occurrence that could lead you to sustain losses.

UBL Travel Insurance Features

Some of the salient features of of UBL travel insurance include:

  1. Accidental death
  2. Medical expenses
  3. Emergency dental care
  4. Loss / delay/ cancellation
  5. Loss of Passport
  6. And many more

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