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About Us

Our approach

We are in the business of differentiating the good from the bad, right from wrong but this only comes when we have certain values in practice. To strive this, we have three basic values

Unbiased Advise

Unbiased Advise

We guide you based on your requirements and not what we want you to know

Accurate Data

Accurate Data

We collect all information directly from partners and do not hide any info that can mislead you

No Obligation

No Obligation

All info and advise is free of cost. The price you see is direct customer price team

The Team

It is our firm believe that self driven and passionate group of people can build innovative products and exceptional services no matter how young and small the size of team. Our team is made up of such amazing individuals who work hard just to make sure that our users can find the real value in the service we claim to offer. Each day our team push their limits to new extent so you can save your hard earned money and make a choice that is informed

Sibtain Jiwani

Sibtain Jiwani

CEO & Co-founder

Nominated for Entrepreneurial Award by British Council brings over a decade of experience working for fintech, bank and retail industry involved mainly in business development, marketing and product development. He loves travelling and learning new trends in technology

Umer Zuberi

Umer Zuberi

Head Product Development

Umer Zuberi brings over 9 years of experience working for renowned technology companies building enterprise application. He loves to work on new ideas and take up new challenges. He spends most of his money on comics and has huge collection of Marvel and DC keychains

Khurrum Zahid

Khurram Zahid

Head Customer Acquisition & User Experience

With more than a decade of experience, Khurram Zahid has worked with companies in Singapore, Malaysia and Pakistan for establishing their strong web presence, running effective digital marketing campaigns and optimizing user experience. He loves working on entrepreneurial ideas and eating new kind of food.


Since the inception, we are proud to be recognised on different forums and associated with renowned platform. We thank all the mentors, advisors and friends who have played a vital role in giving their invaluable advice and support.

Nest I/O

Graduated successfully from the first batch of Nest I/O, an incubator backed by Google for Entrepreneurs, Samsung and USAID.

Startup Istanbul

We were awarded as Top 50 startups from more than 1000+ startups who participated in Startup Istanbul, largest tech conference in Asia and Europe

Founder Institute

Among the 4 Graduated companies from the first batch of Founder Institute Karachi Chapter, a Silicon Valley based Startup program