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Visitors insurance is a type of travel health insurance that provides temporary coverage to individuals visiting the United States from abroad. As a response to the pandemic, visitors insurance now also includes coverage for Covid-related expenses. If you require medical attention due to an injury, illness, or accident during your stay in the U.S., travel insurance can assist in mitigating the burden of expensive healthcare costs for both you and your family.

For visitors traveling to the United States, Travel Insurance is crucial due to the country's reputation for having exorbitant healthcare expenses, which domestic health insurance typically doesn't cover. By obtaining a visitors insurance policy, you can obtain coverage for unexpected injuries, illnesses, and accidents that may require medical attention while you are abroad. Moreover, visitors insurance policies also feature dedicated coverage for Covid, offering financial compensation for Covid testing in the event of a pandemic. This type of coverage also includes treatment for Covid and may provide additional benefits for those who are required to quarantine at their destination.

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