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Acute onset of a pre-existing condition is a specific medical event that is sudden and severe, and is not related to an ongoing or existing condition. For example, a heart attack for someone with a pre-existing heart condition would be considered an acute onset. It's important to understand that Travel Insurance plans typically have different rules and coverage options for pre-existing conditions and acute onset of pre-existing conditions. Therefore, it's always wise to review your Travel Insurance policy to ensure you have the appropriate coverage for your specific health needs.

PPO Network Travel Insurance plan offers cashless treatment options in the USA. This means that if you require medical treatment while traveling in the USA, you can access healthcare providers who are part of PPO network and receive cashless treatment. With a PPO network travel insurance plan, you can typically choose from a list of healthcare providers who are part of the preferred network, and receive a higher level of coverage for services provided by those providers. This can help you save money on medical expenses while traveling, as the insurance company has pre-negotiated rates with the preferred providers in the network.

Medical Travel Insurance is an essential investment for parents visiting the United States or Europe. As much as we hope for a smooth trip, unforeseen events can occur, and medical emergencies can quickly become costly. Having comprehensive medical travel insurance ensures that your parents are protected in case of a medical emergency during their stay. When purchasing medical Travel Insurance, it's essential to select a policy that meets your parents' specific needs. Some policies may have a cap on the coverage amount or specific limitations, while others may offer comprehensive coverage for a range of medical services. You should also ensure that the policy covers pre-existing medical conditions if your parents have any.

If you are someone who travels frequently and has intentions of taking multiple trips in a year, it may be worthwhile to consider purchasing an international multi-trip insurance or an annual trip insurance plan. This type of insurance can offer more convenience compared to regular trip insurance since you won't have to purchase separate policies for each individual trip. With multi-trip insurance, you can take as many trips as you want within a specific timeframe before needing to reset coverage. Typically, coverage duration is either 30 or 45 days.