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TPL insurance’s comprehensive plan covers your car from minor damage to a total loss. Get your car insured at the premium rate of 3.25%


Secure your car with 5T plan of TPL insurance and get 5 benefits of terrorism, total loss, theft, third party and tracker at the premium rate of 2.5%


3T plan of TPL insurance protects your car and gives 3 benefits like theft, third party and tracker at the premium rate of 2.35%


Get basic coverage of third party and theft with the insurance 2T plan at the premium rate of 0.99%

Secure T:

If your car model is of 2015 and before then get it covered with the insurance secure T plan to protect your car from any damage and loss at the premium rate of 2.50%


Self-insurance plan covers your car from any financial damage by giving you 90% coverage at the premium rate of 2.25%

TPL TrakkerPL Trakker

Our vehicle tracking solutions are equipped with user friendly Trakker app which is great for businesses, car enthusiasts, families with elderly drivers or newly licensed teenagers learning to drive the family car. If you want to monitor where they are or have been or that they reach their destination safely, you can use the Trakker App through your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Trakker Features

24/7 Call Center
On-call Location
Battery damage
Geo-Fencing (on SMS)
Anti- Jamming
Ignition 'on' Alert
Stolen Vehicle Recovery Services (SVR)
My Trakker (Mobile App + Web Access)
Trip Report
Movement Report

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