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Bad road conditions and traffic laws not being followed properly leads to various types of car accidents and breakdowns which leads to costly repair charges. Having insurance keeps you safe 24/7!

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Car Insurance Guide

How to get the best car insurance?

Before dishing out your hard earned money for a car insurance plan, it’s best to get a fair idea of how much claims does the insurance provider honor, the higher the figure, more the chances of the consumer filing a claim successfully after an accident.

Car Insurance, what’s claimed & what’s not?

The everyday wear and tear of mechanical and perishable parts e.g battery and tyres are not covered under auto insurance claims unless they are damaged at the same time at which the car was damaged itself.

How to claim car insurance?

The first thing to do after you've managed to hit your car or someone hitting you, is to call your insurance provider's helpline. This is the first step towards having to claim your auto insurance. Do keep in mind that they will probably ask for your policy number that is written on the insurance certificate.