Refund Policy

Health Refund Policy:

Health refund varies from insurance company to company. If an insurance company offers a Free-look period (Depending on what number of days they offer), the paid amount is refunded to customers, whereas if there is no free-look period, the customer will not be able to get his money back.

Travel Refund Policy:

Customers can request for refund with the insurance company for this, you need to provide certain documentary evidence such as a visa rejection letter. Note that a 35% cancellation fee shall be applicable on the total policy amount you paid for all insurance companies except United General Insurance (UIC). For UIC, the cancellation fee will be 52%. Also, a refund cannot be processed on an issued policy if the traveling dates have already started. It takes up to 14 working days for a refund process to complete. We will keep you notified during the process.

Car Refund Policy:

For car insurance refunds, customers have to give a written request to start the policy cancellation process. The refund amount varies from provider to provider where the insurance company will deduct taxes and admin fees from the refund amount. Secondly, there should be no claim in-process of the customer. Thirdly the refund request should be within 6 months of purchase.