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Habib insurance travel policy protects the policyholder from additional expenses in terms of medical and hospitalization while the policyholder is traveling anywhere in the world. The travel policy provided by Habib Insurance offers the facility of online claim settlement and 24/7 worldwide assistance. Habib insurance is the best-trusted partner for planning your trip abroad.Travel policy offers benefits and coverage as per the chosen plan and the monetary required protection.

Habib Insurance travel policy can be bought for a minimum of 7days and a maximum for the period of 12 months (01 Year). During the tenure of 01 years, the policyholder can avail maximum coverage (stay) consecutive for two months (62 days).

The Habib insurance travel insurance provides coverage for both individual and family both, the individual travel policy covers a single individual while the family travel policy covers husband, wife, and children (under the age of 18 years).

The policy coverage starts from as low as PKR 575 for individual plans and PKR 1400 for family plans. The maximum coverage for an individual can be PKR 25,400 while for the family the maximum availed coverage can be PKR 42,000.
Benefits Offered

The travel policy provides coverage against the loss/ theft of a passport while traveling. It covers the policyholder against the financial loss if the passport is lost. The benefit provided would be as per the amount mentioned in the policy document.

Delayed departure is a feature provided in the Habib Travel insurance policy, which covers the policyholder in the face of delayed flight departure as prescribed by the policy document.

The travel insurance provides reimbursement to the policyholder in case of trip cancellation due to any of the reasons pre-determined by the travel insurance provider in the policy document. The insurance provider pays the fixed amount prescribed in the travel insurance policy.

The feature loss of a credit card can help with the cost of replacing the policyholder credit card. This will include the cost of replacing the credit card, necessary transportation charges to get and from any authorities to report the stolen card or a replacement card and any fee which is applicable to receive the supplementary card.

While no two travel insurance policies are exactly alike, they have a lot in common when it comes to lost luggage. Delayed baggage is also covered as if your luggage gets delayed, the policyholder will reimburse you for necessities such as a change of clothes, a toothbrush, and soap. In the event when the luggage is lost the insurance provider will help you track the policyholder’s luggage. If the luggage can’t be found, the insurance provider will reimburse the policyholder for the lost items. In case the policyholder‘s belongings are stolen or snatched from your rental car, for example, the travel insurance policy may cover the policyholder’s losses.

Habib Travel insurance pays for the cost incurred for the medical expenses and hospitalization expenditures abroad as per the purchased plan, the travel insurance plans start from the coverage of $10,000 which can be utilized in case of any unforeseen medical or accidental emergency faced by the policyholder while traveling.

Habib Travel insurance provides coverage for emergency dental care that a policyholder may require due to an accidental medical emergency. There is a pre-defined cap of the coverage amount which is given in the policy document provided at the time of policy procurement.

In case of any unforeseen disaster or accidental conditions, the insurance provider will facilitate the stay and travel of one family member based on the plan purchased and the expenditures incurred.

The travel policy provides a chaperon to the dependents (children) of the policyholder in case of an unforeseen emergency that may arise due to an accident or any other factor. The service and the coverage are subject to the plan procured by the policyholder.

In case of something happening to the policyholder the travel insurance provider offers the benefit of Repatriation of the family members to lessen the burden of the policyholder in the period of crisis.

In the event of the death of the policyholder, while traveling abroad, Habib Insurance provides the coverage to assist the family in bringing back the body/remains of the policyholder. This feature assures stress-free and hassle-free repatriation of the remains back to the homeland of the policyholder.
Ancillary Benefits

Missing a connecting flight can be nerve-wracking and disturbing, the missed flight was due to weather conditions or the aircraft was having a technical issue, the inconvenience shall not only be irritating but it may cause a financial loss as well. If you have purchased the Habib insurance policy with the feature of connection service, this feature will help you reimburse the cost of that trip so you can continue with the trip. Connection services covered by the insurance provider are mentioned in your procured travel document.

This feature of the policy, if added to the insurance provides the policyholder with essential medicines needed in case of a medical emergency as prescribed by the medical/ health expert. The feature is an add-on benefit, terms and conditions applied.

This feature of the Habib Insurance travel policy offers the policyholder medical consultations and health information instantly across wide geographic areas. So no matter while the policyholder wherever he is traveling, another continent or region this feature can be utilized for swift and easy medical consultation services.

This feature of the travel insurance policy provides the benefit to see a specialist for a specific medical service. It is a written order and is required by most insurance providers to ensure that the patients are seeing the correct medical practitioners for the correct problem. This feature makes the policyholder comfortable to travel and be able to seek the assistance of a medical expert if and when required.

This feature of Habib Insurance provides assistance to relay urgent messages to family, friends, or business associated on the behalf of the policyholder.

We will not pay any claim, which results from loss or damage to Property or expense, directly or indirectly caused by:

  1. Medical expenses arising out of Pre-existing Conditions.
  2. Insured Persons traveling abroad to obtain medical treatment as a consequence of accident, illness, or Pre-existing Conditions.
  3. Any expenses for medical evacuation or repatriation if the Insured Person is not suffering from a Serious Medical Condition and can be treated locally.
  4. Any treatment or expenses related to childbirth, miscarriage, or pregnancy.
  5. Any loss sustained while the Insured Person is participating in any professional/extreme sport or engaging in any nonscheduled flight.
  6. Any expenses incurred as a result of a self-induced injury, suicide, drug addiction or abuse, alcohol abuse, or sexually transmitted diseases.
  7. Any expenses related to the Insured Person engaging in the commission of an unlawful act.
  8. If there is any single claim of Multi-trip policy happened, the policy will be expired for the remaining duration.
  9. Maximum 30 days stay limit applied in one trip in 1 Year (Multi-trip) plans for age more than 65 years after any trip policy will be expired.

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