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Personal Healthcare

Jubilee general’s personal healthcare insurance shields the individual from any unforeseen medical emergency. Pay a fixed premium once a year and get covered for Rs.125, 000, Rs.275, 000, and Rs.550, 000 by selecting plan as per your requirement.

Most prominent features of Jubilee Health Insurance Plans

Provides Cashless hospitalization from the providers on our panels

No requirement of Medical assessments

Free Cancellation of policy within fourteen days of policy issuance

Critical care

Jubilee general’s critical care plan covers 7 critical illness providing coverage by paying you a lump sum amount. The Diseases which are covered under the plan are cancer, open chest coronary, artery bypass surgery, heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, major organ transplant and paralysis.

The Two plans are developed to provide lump sum amount to satisfy the needs of your loved ones, health and children's education and necessities in case of ill-fated circumstances of above mentioned diseases.

Silver Plan: Rs. 300,000

Gold Plan: Rs. 500,000

Her care

Jubilee general’s her care plan protects a woman’s health by covering 8 critical illnesses i.e breast cancer, cervical cancer, burns, paralysis, multi-trauma, fallopian tube cancer, uterine, endometrial cancer vaginal cancer and ovarian cancer.

There are two types of plans:

Platinum Plan with a coverage of PKR 750,000/-

Gold Plan with a coverage of PKR 500,000/-

Family healthcare

Jubilee general’s family healthcare insurance secures your family’s health (self, spouse and children up to 4) for a fixed amount in case of hospitalization. The coverage can be utilized by any family member multiple number of times within your coverage cap.

Parents Healthcare

Hospitalization limit is twelve-monthly and allocation on ‘Per Family’. Jubilee General Insurance offers two plans with designed to accommodate the whole family in the limit provided, i.e.,

Silver Plan: Rs. 275,000

Gold Plan: Rs. 550,000

Jubilee general’s parents care insurance plan covers the health of people who are within the age bracket of 45 to 65years, this policy covers 10% of the pre-existing medical conditions for the first year and the pre-existing coverage increases every year consecutive you get insured.

Product Features

Provides Cashless coverage through our panel providers

No pre-requisite of medical assessment

Limited * cover for Pre-Existing Conditions (PECs) from 1st year

Increment* for PECs cover at successive renewals to a maximum of 50%

Free look period of 14 days , free cancellation if not satisfied

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