Brilliant Hacks for Cheaper Travel.... -

Brilliant Hacks for Cheaper Travel….

Travel is seen as something too expensive for people to do often and many only enjoy one vacation a year or none at all. But with these simple travel hacks, you’ll quickly realize that travel can be more affordable than you think. From hacks that could save you thousands of rupees to even just a couple of hundreds a day, it all adds up and could mean that could spend a few extra days on vacation or book a whole other trip.

Travelling is an addiction…

Yes, I would use the word addiction because it becomes the food for the soul, a need for life, and a constant desire to do more!!

Having said that….. traveling from Pakistan is a difficult task as the cost and expenses are already too high! Apart from that, it is difficult to get any country visa on a green passport easily! So when an individual can procure the visa he/she should try and make the most of it.

Since everything is a little expensive for a Pakistani traveler, planning beforehand and at the same time looking for cheap hacks should be a priority and way forward for each individual packing the bag and embarking on a journey!

Be flexible with your travel dates and destination

One thing that a traveler must undertake is to put in some time and effort and Look for the cheapest flights from your home airport to anywhere in the world. “Use the ‘travel anywhere’ option on Skyscanner or you can log in to sastaticket. pk to find the cheapest fares from your desired airport to any country in the world. We are sure you can find some amazing last-minute deals this way, sometimes you can get cheaper tickets with just some proper internet surfing!

Become good at saving money

Saving money is not second nature to all individuals, some people can’t resist looking at a pretty thing and not having it. Well, here is the news if you wish to travel saving money is one very important thing. Understandably, it’s a constant learning process. But remember that the more you save in your routine days been the more you would be able to use to fund the travels. Stick to the mantra “save for the future and just pay for life”

For instance, like eating food and buying toothpaste and stuff, stick to the essentials and you are all good to plan your future travels.

Choose Cheap Countries

Your budget basically dictates where you travel too… for instance with a budget of PKR500,000 will mean very diverse things depending on where in the world you plan to travel. In Western Europe, for instance, it might get you 15 days at max, where in South America you could spend a month traveling. And if you bring that amount to Pakistan (domestic travels), you could stretch it out to a good number of months.

If your objective is to travel for a long period of time, select countries where your money will last longer. Simple. It is advised to choose countries where an individual can travel for less than PKR10,000 per day between the two of us because then you can travel longer. (Plus, many of the places the world has to offer are not really that expensive, and smart traveling would further serve the purpose).

If you do choose expensive countries, PLAN it out

One can desire to travel to some amazingly expensive places which are dream locations (like Iceland and Japan), which one should not rule out because of money since every place has its own charm. To do that an individual needs to do a lot more planning for expensive countries comparatively when you’re visiting cheap countries. Think of ways to save money: Will you be able to cook? What is the cheapest mode of conveyance? And always think outside of the box when it comes to lodging. (Hint: read the rest of this article for all the answers to those questions.

Plan well ahead in time for budget-minded wanderlust inspiration and expensive places without breaking your bank.

Pick the Right Travel Season

To travel to any country in the world, you need to give proper thought to the time of year you’ll be visiting because that can have an impact on your budget. For instance, Croatia in July will be packed with tourists and you’ll be paying a lot of dollars because it’s peak season (some people make that mistake and regret it). But in some months when many tourists don’t flock to that place, you’ll still have nice weather and cheaper prices. If there’s a more affluent country you wish to visit, try traveling during low or shoulder season for the best deals.

One thing to Note: Keep track of all your expenses (yes, ALL of them!)

Go Incognito

When booking flights you have to browse in an incognito or private browser to avoid cookies that follow what you’re doing online. Travel sites will track what you’re looking for and can bump up prices when they know which flights or destinations you’re interested in and the last thing you want to do is be paying more for a flight! An incognito or private browser makes sure you’re not followed and you’re free to do flight research without the worry of higher prices.

Budget Tracking App Cheap Travel Hacks

You need to track every single thing we spend money on while traveling.

“Everything”, means “everything” we mean: lodging, food, transportation, tours, entry fees, and yes, even that woven bracelet we bought from a small child that was too cute to fight back the urge. It may sound punishing, but it is the best way to stay on a tight budget, and after a while, it will become a habit. There are plenty of apps on both the store’s iOs and play store to keep track of your budget so make sure you try out a few and choose one that works for you.

Pack Light and Pack Right

We have certainly been guilty many times of over-packing in the past and we’d drag around extra clothes we never wore on the trip. It is one terrible burden to pay the luggage fees that many airlines have enforced already. Carrying less luggage makes us feel freer, packing light means you can carry your luggage yourself and you won’t have to pay those bothersome baggage fees, which can add up to a big expenditure if you have multiple flights.

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Make lunch your biggest meal

Eating lunch at a restaurant is almost always way cheaper than dinner. Multiple restaurants and cafes offer discounts on that meal of the day. While traveling only dining out for one meal a day is a proven way to avoid using all your money while traveling and it’s also an exclusive way to stay healthy even on vacation.

Book extra-long layovers on flights

If you book a flight with Airlines such as Qatar Airways will pay for you to stay at a hotel for at least a night.

One of the saving hacks is booking flights with the longest layover possible.  When you book a flight with a long layover you can explore the city in transit and tick it off your travel bucket list. Recently many airlines are offering free tours and even hotels, it is an even better offer. Airlines like Qatar Airways offer this opportunity and Doha is certainly one of the cities you can explore in 48 hours. Singapore and Turkish airlines offer this too.

Keep a stash of snacks

Keep a supply of snacks to spend less on food

Eating out at different cafes and restaurants is one of the quickest ways to drain your travel funds, Kristin Luna, journalist and travel blogger, told Insider. And while traveling one should always have their energy bars full and body fully charged. You should carry some instant energy-boosting bar such as granola to satisfy the hunger and to get an immediate energy boost. Doing this would help you in cutting down the count of meals for the day.

 Carry a reusable water bottle

When you carry a reusable bottle: It’s good for your wallet and the planet

Make it a habit to carry a water bottle with you whenever you travel. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a longer journey. This saves a good amount of money on a bottle of water. While traveling you will need water multiple times a day, as well till you reach the destination. Those pretty little pence add up as buying three bottles of water minimum every day; that’s a lot of pocket change.” Another bonus is reducing your use of plastic to help the environment.

Find Deals on Hotels

Accommodation is the next big expense after your airline tickets and it adds up quickly and can often be the biggest expenditure while traveling, but there are multiple ways to cut this cost significantly. Please constantly remind yourself that accommodation does not have to be expensive! Just to give you an idea, you can stay in at some pretty fantastic places, and the sites below are how you can get ahhh-mazing deals for you and your loved ones:

If you plan to travel in Asia, Agoda is hands-down the best platform to find cheap and reasonable lodging. The site is easy to use and has a great user system, so you’ll easily get a feel for how nice each hotel is. And the deals are unbeatable. is love when traveling in Europe and traveling around the U.S.A. They have a really good bed and breakfast deals and are always running discounts on the stays. Their free cancellation option/service is a nice perk.


Airbnb is a good option because you’re able to stay in a more “local” area and can have access to kitchens so you can save money on food as well. Try out Airbnb. If you’re new, sign up at Airbnb and you’ll get off your first stay via Airbnb! Yes, seriously no publicity stunt!


Keep a little calm! Keep reading after you hear the word “hostel”…

Hostels are practically always cheaper than customary hotels and opposing to popular belief, the hostels are not just dorms! There are almost always private rooms that are quite affordable. Plus, many hostels have kitchens you can use, free breakfast, affordable tour options, and local advice. And they typically have a common space where you can meet other travelers and exchange stories and travel information.


Another option available for accommodation is Couchsurfing is completely free and you’re able to stay with a local which can help you get unforgettable experiences that you wouldn’t be able to have in a hotel. Another perk can be that maybe you’ll make a new friend! Before using it for the first time, you might want to read about Couchsurfing safety and tips so you feel more at ease.


Conditional to where you are in the world, camping can be an amazing way to save money on lodging (and it’ll be an adventure!). Be sure to really about the laws in the host country as to where and when you can pitch a tent, and invest in quality gear. There can be nothing worse than waking up to a soaked tent and sleeping bag.

One possible disadvantage of this option is that you’ll have to pack your housing with you. You’ll have to find the balance between abating your load, while still being prepared.

Avoid being scammed

We should be big believers that there is more good in the world than bad, there are disagreeable characters in every city and country of the world. However, when you travel you’re in unacquainted terrain. This can make you a target for people trying to scam and take the money you carry.

One of the things you can do before traveling is Google “common scams in _____” before visiting a new country or city. Each state has scams of its own, and once you’re aware of them, you’ll be less likely to fall victim to those scams.

And as a general rule of thumb, the most common areas to be scammed are before, during, and after transportation. For example, the time that is between landing at the airport and reaching your hotel. When you are carrying all your luggage, tired from traveling, and in a completely new place.

Purchase Travel Insurance

When and wherever you travel, you cannot risk traveling without travel insurance. Many people might think that it won’t save you much money upfront, but if something were to happen (God Forbid), you save hundreds and thousands of rupees by being protected. We’ve seen a handful of people who have had ill-fated mishaps on the road and have had to be transferred (airlifted) to nearby hospitals. That type of evacuation isn’t inexpensive, and it most definitely will add a couple of zeros to your budget. Don’t risk it. (EVER)

One myth buster is travel insurance isn’t as expensive as you’d think! And it will cover emergencies (even though we hope you never have to use your coverage!). Depending upon the policy purchased it even covers valuables stolen on the road or delayed flights. You can choose the right travel insurance policy for you within no time now! There aren’t any excuses anymore.

 Sign Up for Email Alerts

One of the important travel tips is signing up for airline and other travel companies and even travel insurance providers newsletters so you are in-loop of sales and be one of the first to know. You could save thousands and be on your vacation sooner than you think!

Go on Free Tours

Many cities around the world offer free walking tours. This is a very common practice in Europe, which is definitely a place where you’re going to want to be saving money. Many tours are offered through hostels or your lodging can recommend you a free tour. The duration of the tours varies from 1-3 hours and in the end, you’re requested to pay what you can or what you thought the tour was worth. So even though the tour isn’t entirely free, you still get to set your own price according to your budget and you get to familiarize yourself around the city and learn about the history and culture.

Exchange Your Money in the Right Places

Avoid exchanging money at banks and airports. Figure out how much money you require by using an app such as XE Currency Converter, exchange the equivalent in the local currency and then get it exchanged at small kiosks that are often found at malls or any shopping streets. They usually provide the best exchange rate. Banks and airports often charge you higher and the payout is lesser than normal kiosk vendors. Avoid that by going somewhere that has foreign currencies on hand and readily available at a good price.

Some of these are the best travel hacks and are so simple to implement them and can be done right away, some other mentioned may take a bit more planning. But for the effort that you put in you will save and you will be able to travel more. Many of these tips you can go deeper into to help you find cheap flights, the best rewards programs, and more. These hacks are just the beginning to helping you find free travel, which can totally be done if you hack right! So Best of Luck! Pack your bags and hop onto the journey of your life!!

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