Frequently Asked Qustions (FAQs)

We are a comparison website that provides free, unbiased comparison of financial products offered by banks, insurance and telecom operators. Making it easier and simpler for you to better understand financial product that you plan to buy.
Financial decision are not only important but any uninformed decision can cause serious frustration. Hence through us you can compare multiple products and do "apple to apple" comparison before you decide.

Federal and provincial tax vary from product to product. Following is the case product wise

  • Insurance: If policy holder is non filer, 4% Advance tax will be applicable on top of the policy amount you see on our website
  • Broadband: All packages are exclusive of taxes unless mentioned otherwise
Absolutely, we do not sell your information to any third party or send any unsolicit emails.
We act as a bridge between you and service providers so you can make better and faster decision. Any contractual obligation or committment is between you and the service provider you select to work with.
Our services for our customers is totally free of cost. The price you see on our website are official prices of the partner companies we work with and no additional amount has been added. If you want to report any misinformation, please email us on contactus at
We are neither. However we work with them officially and the logos you see are our partners and we can help you avail any of their services at absolutely no additional cost.
Yes, all the insurance companies, broadband providers and banks in Pakistan that you see on our website we are officially working them under the name of Smart PFM (Pvt) Ltd
Though we try our best to keep the information updated and acurrate as much as possible however we take no responsibility in case of any information being outdated.

Our trained customer advisor will call to explain chosen policy in detail and answer any queries you may have. Once you agree to proceed, a surveyor will be arranged to take pictures of your car and collect documents. Surveyor shall call and fix the time at your convenient time and location.

Once survey is completed successfully, cover note (official document stating your personal, car and other details) will be issued and sent to you to verify details and check exclusion if any.

Note, there are no charges for survey and cover note and if you decide not to proceed ahead, you dont need to make payment to us or any one else.

After this payment has to be made by cheque/cash directly into the insurance company bank account. On payment confirmation, insurance company will process the original policy and post it at your given address within 3 working days.

You will recieve a cover note which outlines car coverage, amount breakdown, car details and other important information for your review. Cover note is valid for 7 days from the date survey is done.
In case you are unable to make the payment for your car insurance before the expiry of cover note but you would still like to proceed ahead, in that case survey has to be arranged again and new cover note has to be issued. Please note that premium rates are revised frequently.
Yes, this is one of the condition to process your claim. In case you have bought your car from someone else and transfer is in process you can still get your car insured in your name by sharing proof of transfer. is an insurance aggregator not insurance provider, all your claims or any related matter will be managed directly by insurance provider.
As per law car insurance policy is valid for 1 year,
Yes you can cancel it before your insurance term, for this you need to raise the request with insurance provider, they will process your refund for the remaining period as per their refund policy.
Your insurance will start from the day you will recieve your cover note.
Every insurance company has a specific claim departments who handles all such query. As soon as any incident occurs that is covered under your insurance policy, you need to raise it immediately with insurance provider at the given number on your policy document

Most of the insurance companies do not offer this coverage however there are certain plans which may cover this however such plans cost higher as compared to others.

Most of the insurance companeis offer this as optional cover which means that additional charges have to be paid if you need this benefit. Also there is a waiting period of 9-10 months before you can make claim for this, there are also certain other conditions which apply to this.
Insurance companies do not cover any pre-existing conditions which means that at the time of buying insurance policy if you already have any disease then any expenses related to that disease will not be covered.

Yes we offer 60 minutes service which allows you to get the policy issued and sent to your email address within an hour. This facility is only available if you make online payment during working hours. Otherwise you can complete the process online and select COD in payment option and we will deliver the policy at your given address.

There are multiple payment options availabe i.e. Pay via Credit/Debit Card, Jazzcash wallet, Bank transfer, Keenu wallet, Netconnect and COD(cash on delivery).
We are authorized agent of insurance companies that you see on our website. The amount you pay us is collected on behalf of insurance company as per our arrangement with them.
Each policy issued has a unique policy number, you will find this on your certificate. You can visit insurance company website and enter this policy ID to verify. This ID is also used by Embassy to verify policy authenticity.
You need to provide personal details of the traveller such as passport number, CNIC, beneficary details and travel details
Yes you can get the dates changed without paying any additional charges. However this must be done before your departure date.
Validation period of your travel policy will start from the departure date of your travel till the day of your arrival mentioned on your policy.
Yes you can request for refund with the insurance company, for this you need to provide certain documentary evidence such as visa rejection letter. Note that 35% cancellation fee shall be applicable on the total policy amount you paid for all insurance companies except United General Insurance (UIC). For UIC, cancellation fee will be 52%.
Yes all taxes are included however if you are Non Tax Filer (as per FBR system), 4% Advance Tax shall be charged on the total amount you see on our website.
Yes, the policy can only be issued for travellers issued up to 85 years.
Yes, if traveller is above 65 years, the premium you see on our website will increase depending on the terms and conditions of insurance company. This increement is usually 50 to 100% of the premium you see on our website
Family means Husband, Wife and Children up to the age of 18 years.

Our customer advisor will get in touch with you during working hours to process your order and answer any queries that you may have. Once your confirm order, our team will process your details with internet provider to deploy the internet connection and payment

You pay directly to internet provider at the time of installation and pay monthly charges
As we are official partners of internet providers, we work closely with them to ensure that we show you internet offers available specific to your area.
Phone line is not required for internet connection however in case of PTCL as it works on DSL technology requires you to have PTCL Phone line to get internet connection
Installation time is mentioned against each internet package as it varies from provider to provider
FUP stands for fair usage policy which effectively means that though internet connection may be unlimited but there is a certain data/download cap to prevent absue of internet services
Truly unlimited means currently that package has no data/download cap or any FUP. Effectively there is no restriction on data downloading
A bundle internet includes Internet services with phone and television services.
No it's not possible to get tv services without buying internet services.
As provincial taxes vary from province to province hence we have not included taxes in monthly charges. However you can be assured that our team will explain you tax charges on call based on your city and connection type.
Our team will get in touch with you to confirm your details and confirm other details. After which your details will be shared with relevant team in bank to process your application.
Yes this is it to verify proof of income and certain other financial checks necessary to process your credit limit. However it is not necessary to have account in the same bank you applying to get credit card fom.
Bank can only validate your income if there is proof of your employment and income hence for that atleast 6 months of bank statment and salary slip is required to process your application.
Credit limit is determined based on your income, past credit history, other loan amounts if any or etc. Maximum credit limit you can get is 3 times of your income however this varies based on various parameters.