DON'T Fly To These Holiday Destinations Without Travel Insurance -

DON’T Fly To These Holiday Destinations Without Travel Insurance

Everyone loves to travel. Humans are born with a lust for travel which is why many of us wait for the holiday season to go to some exotic destination to explore and recharge ourselves in the company of friends and family.

Once we decide to travel, we often look around for the best bargains on tickets, hotels and other forms of pricing. While we find hotel prices to be on the higher side during holiday seasons and complain about air fares being too expensive, we forget that any unfortunate situation can arise during the trip  due to which you could need immediate medical assistance. Hospital beds and medical expenses can tend to be far much higher. You’d be puzzled reading this and might ask, what’s the relation of a hotel room and a hospital bed?

Well to make things clear, most of us neglect getting travel insurance while heading out to our next trip to that exotic destination planning an exciting excursion like skiing in the Swiss Alps, scuba diving, or sky diving at Dubai etc. Going to any such destination and taking part in such activities also brings the risk of running into any injury. Different weather can also tend to make you fall sick. There’s always a possibility hence skipping travel insurance is not at all a good idea.

Listed below are some of the destinations where hospital dues can be extremely costly and can break your bank hence it’s advised that you make sure to get proper travel insurance before you catch your flight. These rates were published after an australian travel insurance comparison website took 10,000 travel insurance quotes along with WHO department of Health Systems Financing estimates.

Destination Hospital Bed Cost Travel Insurance Cost
Singapore $522 $42
United States Of America $440 $59
Hong Kong $421 $43
Netherlands $392 $48
Canada $353 $58
United Kingdom $330 $46
Germany $328 $47
France $302 $99
Japan $296 $46
Spain $284 $47

These prices are taken from

As seen above, it’s pretty clear that getting yourself a travel insurance plan can save you from a lot of unwanted expense on your trip not just in terms of medical expenditures but other losses as well such as loss of baggage or trip cancellation etc. has recently launched its travel insurance comparison service where you can search compare and buy your travel policy for travel purposes be it vacation, business, pilgrimage etc. Our travel policy calculator gives you real-time quotations in just a few clicks. We hope that on your next trip abroad you will get travel insurance policy and travel with your loved ones with complete peace of mind!

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