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“Jubilee HER CARE Policy” A Great Defensive Game Plan Against Medical Crises for Women in Pakistan

Every woman is a superwoman in her own right. At every stage of her life from being a daughter, an independent woman, to being a wife, mother and role model, her health is as vital to her as it is to the people around her.
According to the figures every year, 8.2 million people die worldwide due to cancer while 14 million new cancer cases are registered every year, everyday 15 women loose battle to 100% curable cervical cancer, 40,000 lose their life to breast cancer per annum.

It is known for a fact that around the world women are more susceptible to fall to Cancers, that can not only be life threatening for a person, at the same time it is huge emotional and financial blow that causes a person an additional trauma of not being able to meet the expenses , some of the basic expenses that causes the family to suffer begins with a mere visit to an oncologist, surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, medicines and many other known unknown expenses that comes our way when such situation arises.

Being a woman is a beautiful feeling, the endurance and patience they carry is the epitome of grace but at the same time they are fragile and can be easily hurt due to smallest thing happening around them.

Being a witness to this situation first hand, it was shattering to see when my aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer, it was something we had heard and its impact that it has on families but when experienced personally cancer is disease that does only effect your blood cells yet is also affects our confidence, our family the people around us and primarily the strain it causes breaks a person in every possible manner.

The very first thing we usually do is to see doctors and not only one but minimum two hoping and praying that the first one and his opinion would be all wrong and everything shall be okay, yet when the second doctor also confirmed the latter.

We went into full time schedule of hospital, home, hospital, our world revolved around the doctor and the things he prescribed for the procedural activities, at that moment everything in our life became secondary, our whole life went on hold like a movie that had paused without us knowing anything when it shall resume to normalcy.

The one thing that was source of relief in this time of strain and pain was that a year back she had gotten Jubilee insurance “HER CARE” plan, at that time it seemed like an accessory an additional card in the wallet, even an undue liability that she had imposed on herself without having any indication of it coming to use, little did we know that it’s going to be the primary source of quality care in the near future.

The premium she had paid the previous year seemed a little price to pay for the amount that was being spent day in and day out for the treatment expenses, leaving us only to be concerned about the well being of my aunt only as Jubilee insurance with its specialized women centric Plan took care of the rest.

Along with the policy coverage, we were also provided with additional services to make this stressful period easier, some of the add-on services were out-patient services, facility of second opinion before reaching to conclusion and 24/7 medical hotline for any emergency that may arise anytime keeping the critical situation at hand in understanding.

The incident like this my family made me realized and opened my eyes to a fact that Insurance plays a vital role in economic development by helping individuals and families manage risk and deal with uncertainty.
Some of the BASIC reasons why women should put “HER PLAN” on their bucket list:

You need 5-10 times your annual salary in coverage

It is recommended by most experts that buying a policy that’s five to ten times your annual income, is a good place to start.

 You can buy “HER CARE” coverage online

Women do just about everything online, from grocery shopping, to ordering a car service. Until recently, however, buying insurance was anything but online. It usually takes several weeks and required paper applications, phone calls, doctor’s visits, emails, and faxes – all with no promise of coverage, with this plan of Jubilee insurance you can Place your order for “HER CARE” plan online.

No income doesn’t mean “NO” insurance

Many assume that the only family member who needs insurance is the primary breadwinner, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Not only is being a stay-at-home mother or wife one of the most demanding jobs in the world, but the cost of replacing all the work they do is quite significant, according to an analysis all the work a stay-at-home mom accomplishes equates to a big sum of money if your family had to outsource it all, so a person who manages the home, take cares of the day to day need is considerably important and needs a customized Plan that helps her being around your family for a longer period of time and can be assured quality health care.

Not only is insurance affordable, it’s even more affordable for women

Women often have more expenses than men when it comes to clothing, cosmetics, and self-care, but they don’t have to pay more for a plan that solely is for “HER”, premiums starting from as low as PKR 3,900 to the sum insured 750,000 that provides her cushion in the face of a medical crisis.

Women’s needs and preferences differ by segment and life cycle events, requiring insurers to tailor products and services keeping the need and importance of it Jubilee insurance has introduced for the first time in Pakistan “HER CARE” that celebrates women by providing specific critical illness policy that solely covers illnesses common among women.

While there may be plenty of plans that cater to the general population of men and women alike, there are as many reasons as to why women need a specific plan that’s personalized to their unique needs.

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