Reduced Activation Charges Makes Wi-tribe A Better Choice for Internet Users -

Reduced Activation Charges Makes Wi-tribe A Better Choice for Internet Users

Wi-tribe has reduce broadband activation charges. With activation charges reduced from Rs. 1,000 to just Rs. 500, Wi-tribe broadband packages have become much more affordable for the Internet lovers. In addition, the company has also reduced activation charges for pocket modem, Wi-Fi modem, desktop modem and Wi-Fi router.

So, if you’re looking to get any of these, have a look at the charges below:
– Pocket modem activation charges reduced from Rs. 1500 to Rs. 850
– Wi-Fi modem activation charges reduced from Rs. 1500 to Rs. 1000
– Desktop modem & Wi-Fi Router activation charges reduced from Rs. 2500 to Rs. 1000

Along with these interesting offers, Wi-tribe introduces Pocket Wi-Fi with Rs. 2500 activation charges.

Comparison of Activation Charges

Comparing Wi-tribe activation charges with the competitors, it has been found that Wi-tribe has the lowest activation charges as compared to other wireless broadband internet providers in Pakistan. Qubee internet activation charges are Rs.1000, while PTCL charge Rs. 1500 for installation.

Wi-tribe Broadband Internet Packages

Now, with the addition of some really amazing customized packages, the company offers a great opportunity for 24/7 internet experience.

1. The Basic Package
It is quite economical when you consider uninterrupted speed. Monthly charges are Rs. 1199 with Rs. 500 setup fee and Rs. 1099 security deposit. The hardware is off course free of charge. It’s a good choice, considering that it offers 1Mbps consistent speed and massive 12 GB download limit with an option of upgrading the limit up to 20 GB. [more about Wi-tribe basic internet package here]

2. Unlimited Packages
These packages are designed for all kinds of users. Setup fee and will remain the same as mentioned above. To give more, the company also offers 50% increase on select speed with just Rs. 200 per month.

– Wi-Tribe offers 512Mbps unlimited package at just Rs. 1199. The speed may be a bit slow considering the quality of websites being used these days. Nevertheless, if you’re priority is to stay connected on social media, you can always opt for this package. Setup fee for this package is Rs. 1099. [more about Wi-tribe 512Mbps unlimited package here]

– Wi-tribe 1Mbps unlimited package is available at Rs. 1499 with Rs.1399 security deposit. This package becomes even better if you add 50% more speed at just Rs. 200. You will end up paying Rs. 1699 per month for 1.5Mbps. Download is unlimited. [more about Wi-tribe 1Mpbs unlimited package here]

– The maximum speed package of 2Mbps is available at just Rs, 2099 per month. You will get up to 45GB download. If you need more, you can get 2GB download for just Rs. 75. Amazing offer for internet movie lovers. [more about Wi-tribe 2Mbps unlimited package here]

3. Customized Packages
– Student Package: It offers up to 1Mbps speed and unlimited download during student hours (12am to 6pm), while speed will be reduced during regular hours (6pm to 12am) upon excess usage. The package is a must-have for university and college level student to help them prepare their notes and assignments quickly. It is available at Rs. 1299 with Rs.1699 set up charges. [more about Wi-tribe student package here]

– Family Package: This package is available for Rs. 1699 and provides Wi-Fi accessibility for everyone in the family. Setup charges are Rs. 2099. The package offers 1.5Mbps speed with unlimited download, but make sure you remain under 40GB; otherwise you speed will be reduced to 128Kbps.[more about Wi-tribe family package here]

With lucrative packages, economical fees and high-quality services, Wi-tribe has become an ultimate choice for the Internet lovers throughout the country. So, if you’re yet to get the best internet experience, go for Wi-tribe!

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