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Wi-Tribe Pocket Modem

The Pocket Modem concept, first introduced in Pakistan by Qubee, has triggered a race (as it was expected). Wi-Tribe has announced the launched of its Pocket modem as well for users on-the-go.

The pocket modem is offered for PKR 1,500 at a discounted rate initially and can be ordered at the Wi-Tribe helpline or their customer care centers.

Regarding the changing consumer needs, this is what Wi-Tribe Director Marketing Ali Fahd said:

“We understand the evolving needs of today’s internet users. With this launch, we aim to provide users with a convenient, portable solution to instantly connect. wi-tribe customers can now enjoy always-on connectivity, without the fear of sudden or unexpected power failure”.

The service is available in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

2 thoughts on “Wi-Tribe Pocket Modem”

  1. I am Syed Kashif from Lahore Pakistan and business entrepreneur, a wi-tribe client since 2009 and continuously using your services, When I bought this connection back in 2008, Customer representative in Y-Block DHA Lahore Mr Usama issued my connection with the name of Amir Lodhi, it was not disclosed to me at the time of connection installation , he might be getting some monetary benefit by doing this stupid or careless mistake, I requested many times to wi-tribe officials to change my name but they simply refused it.

    Few months back I started having a signal and technical problem, every alternate day my service is suspended due to over loaded connected tower in my area. I filed complaint on 6th June 2013, wi-tribe technical support person ensured that my problem will be resolved pretty soon, technical team will visit my place and find out better solution for me. Till today I am waiting for the technical team to visit my place and find out solution. I sent out periodic reminders on 30th July, 5th August, 6th Sep and today 8th September and complaints for my problem but CSR’s or supervisors are not interested or serious to help out on this issue. While attending my phone call they seems very interested and serious but as soon as call is disconnected their mental capacity or faculty of retaining and reviving facts gone with the wind.

    Every alternative day I got this service suspension problem, I also talked to supervisors who are very cooperative on phone but nobody tried to resolve my problem so far. moreover I asked from customer care representatives (Atif Usmani and couple of others) to let me talk with your senior persons if you are unable to provide me support, they started misbehaving and used filthy language which is definitely wi-tribes officials or company policy. I submitted complaint against ATIF USMANI but no action had been taken against him, Infact supervisor admitted after listening that call that ATIF USMANI misbehaved but he was not penalized on this act. They won’t allow clients to speak up with any senior persons of company, If seniors are only in company to enjoy a designation and they don’t want to interact with customers at the time of emergency and problem then Company should be shut down or start any cheap service business where customer service and timely services are not necessary.

    Every time my service suspended because of technical or signal problem, CSR do not have any technical expression of opinion towards resolution. CSR’s having a lack of technical knowledge and professionalism.

    If any senior management person is still awake and responsible in wi-tribe, he should read this message carefully and amends their ways to provide appropriate customer service. You can reach me at 0323-8412226.

    Experience with wi-tribe Pakistan.
    Wi-tribe is basically a cheap workmanship and service provider.
    CSR’s or available seniors are not having a technical knowledge to resolve customers issues.
    Seniors are only enjoying their designations and benefits in company as usual, they strictly bound juniors/CSR’s neither disclose our contact to clients nor redirect clients to us.
    Customers do not have access to speak with seniors about their issues.
    Customer service representatives are educated by wi-tribe to misbehave with clients and use filthy language, if client asked to speak with any senior person. Wi-tribes policy to misbehave with clients as much as possible, my recorded phone calls are in company if any senior would love to know about their CSR’s attitude he should listen recorded calls and check out my history to know what your company persons are doing with clients.

    My Suggestion for Wi-tribes higher officials in Pakistan.
    Wi-tribe should shut down their operations and start a CART on roadside to sell cheap product where customer service is not important. As per your company culture and CSR’s are educated and used to of using contemptibly offensive and obscene language.

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