Making The SmartChoice

Making The SmartChoice

Have your ever felt gutted looking at your broadband internet bill where you have been charged an additional amount that you were not aware of at the time of signing up for the service? Has there been a case when your insurance provider did not accept a claim due to some policy written in small print which the sales representative never told you about? Or you simply wanted to read a review about the customer services of a bank before you start banking with them?

Making decisions for any new service is not based on roll of a dice, whether you are purchasing broadband, insurance or e-commerce shopping, one must do thorough research to make sure they are getting the best deal available and its worth the money to purchase service or product of a brand.

Today coming to this point for consumers in Pakistan is not easy task, we mostly rely on friends, family and colleagues for recommendations who have previously used similar service and lastly we have no option to directly approach service providers like ISP, Insurance companies to get quotation and then make our mind. This entire process is as good as our approach since without market information we do not know if the sales rep is giving accurate information or there is a lot more between the lines.

To address this shortcoming a service was required, thus began website. is a service comparison portal that aims to help customers make better choices. The portal provides details of broadband internet services, both wired and wireless, with location based comparison. The wide variety of options allow visitors to plan and buy service that fulfills their requirements.

Nothing Is Hidden

Customers are often misguided regarding final price of the service and hidden charges are added to the initially displayed price tag, inflating the cost significantly.

At we provide full information.

No hidden charges, no misguiding information.

We provide full details from final price tag to data caps and limitations, for our customers to make smarter choices. We include price breakdown of the final cost of the package and explain any jargon that may cause confusion.


We do not lean towards any service nor information is pushed down on the customers. advice the visitors on available options, their costs, benefits and availability in the country.

Special Offers

We aim to bring special offers for our website visitors so that they can avail packages at better rates that otherwise are not available in the market.

We Don’t Sell, We Tell

Our purpose is for customers to know the required details to make better and smarter choices, availing services that work better in their areas as well as fulfill their data and budgetary requirements.

Only Broadband?

Not entirely; will be entering into other verticals such as insurance and banking where customers often have no idea of differences between the services and information not readily available.

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