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11 Reasons To Choose Corporate Broadband For Your Business!

Internet has become a backbone for our digital communication needs. It is used by everyone to relay data and information  from one place to another. It’s a service that is used universally from a student to a researcher working in mission-critical environments. There are various internet packages offered by ISPs to cater a consumer’s needs ranging from speeds to download caps. However if you’re running a corporate organization then it’s imperative that you choose the right type of internet package to support your business needs because such corporate environments need much more than sheer speeds. Listed below are a few major reasons why you should go for a corporate internet package for your business.

Round The Clock Tech Support:
For any business, a reliable internet connection serves as the most important organ. If anything happens and your communication links with your clients/suppliers are broken then you could suffer a lot of losses within a short span of time. Every ISP gives some sort of tech support but corporate packages are given such a level of support that is 24/7 and uninterrupted and available round the clock. They also might assign you a dedicated team of tech specialists that may even visit to check and fix any malfunctions to keep things running smoothly. Something which does not exist at such a level in residential/consumer internet packages.  If you need to get in touch with your respective helpline then you also might not need to endure long waiting times as you get personalized support over the phone.

Tax Claims:
As a business entity you pay a lot in taxes for the services you use and thus at the end of every fiscal year you may file for tax claims. This is also possible for any consumer however with the huge amounts in question it’s only good that you’ve all the proper paperwork including receipts and claim forms necessary to file tax claims.

Dedicated Links:
Corporate packages usually work on dedicated links which helps as you get consistent and stable speeds rather than residential packages which usually run on shared connections among multiple users.

Zero Downtimes:
Business based internet packages, are given special priority and have near-zero downtimes as even if the ISP needs to do any maintenance work then it makes sure that its services are still uninterrupted for its corporate clients.

Better Hardware/CPE:
An ISP issues you WiFi routers and any other equipment as per your business organization’s needs. A customer at a residential premises might need one WiFi router for coverage whereas a workplace might need routers that cover a lot more area and must be placed strategically in order to offer best connectivity throughout the working space. You will also get network switches installed and any wired connectivity would be installed properly as needed.

It’s also pertinent to mention that any business broadband package should be reliable at any time. For this Fiber Optic connectivity is used because it’s much stable than copper and not prone to being tapped. It also supports much faster speeds that are the need of any business organization. Also an SLA agreement is signed with the ISPs to ensure that a business’ needs are served as per their requirements.  You may also get a Disaster Recovery website which is essentially a mirror of your original business website with near-complete backups of your data as well. It helps to recover within a short period of time in case your website goes down after any disaster happens. Your data is also securely encrypted for security purposes.

Prioritized Traffic:
An ISP usually routes corporate traffic on priority basis which means that your network works at stable speeds regardless of how much the usage patterns of an ISP’s customer base may be. In residential/consumer packages your bandwidth could be affected during peak times or holiday seasons.

VPN/Static IP:
For any business, a VPN(Virtual Private Network) and multiple Static IPs can be of essential need. Using these additional services you can monitor your office remotely as well as have a secure internal private network that enables employees to access a corporate intranet. With a static IP you can also host your own server, website or remotely access your workplace computers without complications.

Stronger Security:
For any business, security is a prime need and any hacks can be a major pitfall for your organization. To counter this fact, ISPs use stronger encryption levels and software aimed to make your network more secure.

Faster Uploads:
Residential consumers usually do a lot of activities online that include downloading for e.g streaming video content and downloading stuff. For business users there might be a lot of uploading included for e.g to the cloud hence uploads are also prioritized on business broadband packages.

Financial Approval:
As per any business organization’s operating procedures, for any financial spending you’ll need proper approval from the finance department and in this case the ISP will issue you a quotation which you can then refer to the concerned department to get an approval and only then will your company issue the necessary amount required to acquire the desired services.

Above mentioned points are some important aspects which can determine if you need to have a business broadband internet connection at installed at your workplace. To compare various business/residential broadband packages in Pakistan from various ISPs nationwide, visit our online portal at where you can place an order for your desired service as well. If you have any feedback, feel free to voice yourself in the comments section below.

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