TPL Trakker And Telenor Launch TPL Maps! -

TPL Trakker And Telenor Launch TPL Maps!

TPL Trakker is Pakistan’s largest vehicle tracking systems provider has recently partnered with Telenor Pakistan to introduce TPL Maps for the Pakistani market. This will become Pakistan’s first digital mapping solution. TPL Maps plans to offer real time smart routing, access to various POIs (Points of Interest), live traffic updates, turn-by-turn navigation as well as intelligent searching options.

TPL Maps plans to aid users in Pakistan to reach their desired destinations using the intelligent search option which boasts over 1.35 million Points of Interest all over Pakistan. TPL Maps has over 800,000 unique house Big Pharma Spends on Share Buybacks, but R&D? Not So Much (Published 2017) buy anadrol 50 online best anabolic steroid manufacturer, best anabolic steroids for runners – портал александра эрцгама addresses scattered over a road network of over 280,000km in over 500 different cities of Pakistan.

TPL Maps also has over 55,000 2D models of POIs along with 1500 3D models which will make it easier for users to identify their desired destination in an even easier way and reach there in the shortest time possible.

Expressing his vision about TPL Maps and the partnership, Ali Jameel, CEO TPL Trakker said:

“We have developed Pakistan’s first comprehensive digital mapping solution via Pakistani talent and resources because we believe a localize, in depth mapping solution for Pakistan will define the future of digital payments, ecommerce, 3G/ 4G and social networking activities. TPL Maps, equipped with smart features, will offer services that will change the future of consumer behavior, navigation, distribution process management, advertising and many other areas alongside navigation and maps related services. Partnering with Telenor is a natural fit and we are pleased to have signed this MoU today, two digitally driven Companies are collaborating to bring a fantastic offer.”

Irfan Wahab Khan, Deputy CEO & CMO Telenor Pakistan, speaking on the occasion said:

“Being an innovation-driven telecom company, we are pleased to have entered this promotional collaboration with Pakistan’s major tracking service provider. The need for a bespoke mapping solution like TPL Maps was long due in Pakistan where smartphone and internet penetration continues to grow but even the most popular mapping solutions fail to deliver when it comes to turn-by-turn navigation and real-time traffic updates. TPL Maps is a major breakthrough and Telenor Pakistan is delighted to be a part of the development.”

We must also mention here that Google also in the recent past has launched live traffic updates and turn-by-turn navigation that also works for free and crowd sources traffic data. You can read about Google’s offering here.

The TPL Maps app is live now on Telenor’s App Store as well as Google Play. We’ve listed the links below and you can try these apps. Do let us know about your usage experience in the comments section below. For iOS users, the app will be available in the near future!

Telenor Apps:

Google Play:



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