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6 Important Dos and Don’ts of Travel Insurance Plans

Insurance of any kind is something that protects us from the unforeseen and inevitable. On any trip specially when travelling to a foreign destination, buying insurance should be the first thing on your checklist during your trip planning stage. Once you’ve made the wise decision of getting yourself a travel policy, you should follow some best practices that will save you from unwanted hassle and make sure that you get to make the most out of your travel insurance policy. It really pays to get an insurance policy because it doesn’t cost very little as compared to the cost of your whole trip but provides great benefits that can save you a lot of money and trouble while at an alien destination.

Let’s talk about the Dos first. Below we’ve listed some really important ones.

Do Plan Ahead Of Time:
This is indeed a vital aspect when it comes to travel insurance. Get a travel insurance ahead of time just like you apply for your Visa in advance and never put it off for the last minute. This will be highly beneficial in case your travel group goes bankrupt or the trip gets cancelled for any untoward reason. The insurance provider in this case will refund you your trip cost and the ticket cancellation cost. That’s a lot of money saved from going wasted.

Do Get The Right Policy:
When making your purchase, make sure that the duration of the policy is correct and covers the day of your departure till the day of your arrival back to your hometown. Additionally check that the policy you’re buying has adequate coverage for all the things you need coverage for. Also make sure that you’re buying the right type of policy for e.g if applying for a Schengen Visa then the relevant policy is mandatory or if you’re a senior citizen then make sure you buy a policy that suits your age bracket and gives you relevant insurance cover. Also compare policies by various providers to see levels of coverage against the amount of the policy. If you plan to go in a group with friends or family, buying a group insurance instead of individual ones can also prove to be economical and better choice. Bottom line is that do proper research before buying your travel policy so the purpose and coverage are as per your travel needs. You can visit our portal to search, compare and buy travel insurance policies in Pakistan by major insurance providers online.

Do Know Your Refund Policy:
It’s a good idea to know the cancellation terms and conditions on your insurance. Most travel insurance providers let you cancel the policy within 14 days of issuance if you haven’t got your Visa approved. In case you are unable to travel due to lack of a valid Visa then you can get a refund against your travel insurance policy

Now let’s talk about  few of the things you should definitely refrain from when you plan to get yourself travel insured.

Don’t Hide Any Medical Conditions:
If you have any ailment or any medical condition and you think you’ll be able to save any money by not declaring it, you’re very wrong. In case you need any medical assistance on your trip and you haven’t declared it already. It will lead to your claim being null and void and will not be honored by your insurance provider if your illness is linked to your medical conditions. This will lead to a whole lot of expensive bills being paid by you and fair caution here that medical facilities abroad can be extremely costly as we have mentioned in our article “DON’T Fly To These Holiday Destinations Without Travel Insurance”.

Don’t Lose Contact Details:
Write down or keep a list of your insurer’s foreign contact numbers handy. These will be needed whether you need to make a claim for lost baggage or medical bills etc. You’ll need to inform your insurer beforehand thus making the mistake of not carrying the numbers could lead to hassle in urgent and emergency situations.

Don’t Ignore The Fine Print:
When you plan on purchasing a policy, make sure to read all the Terms & Conditions properly to know what events and things are covered under your insurance policy and also learn of all the exclusions so there’s no confusions and disappointments when you make a claim and it ends up rejected. Really, it’s an important thing that most of us ignore thinking as unimportant but not knowing what can be claimed and what can’t could end up with you losing on the benefits you could avail or paying through your nose in certain scenarios.

That brings us to the conclusion. Following the above guidelines will surely help you make the most out of your travel insurance plan and will save you from unwanted hassle and monetary loss. For any feedback, write to us at feedback@smartchoice.pk

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