Top Three Postpaid 3G Packages

Top Three Postpaid 3G Packages

Last week we covered top three prepaid 3G packages offered by Pakistani telecom service providers, ranking them in categories of daily, weekly and monthly packages. This time we analyzed the postpaid packages and present the top three based on price per Gigabyte of data, with maximum budget of Rs. 1000.

Top 3 Postpaid Packages

Ranking Package Data Bundle Price
1) Warid Monthly Super Bucket 8 GB Rs. 800
2) Telenor/Mobilink Internet 1000/Monthly Max 8 GB Rs. 1000
3) Warid Monthly Big Internet 5 GB Rs. 500

Ufone and Zong also have good packages though their prices are a bit higher.

Coverage Issues

Telecom operators have some challenges as well. Warid, despite cheaper packages, is only available in urban areas with LTE service (which require LTE supportive handset). Outside LTE coverage only 2G internet is available which is a big drawback.

Telenor has the largest network of 3G in the country but it has only 5 MHz of spectrum, restricting available bandwidth to the customers. Mobilink also has large coverage and its 10 MHz spectrum allows better speed to the consumers.

Ufone and Zong have also expanded their networks and Zong provides the highest speed (because of 4G) as well as largest data bundles.

Prepaid Vs Postpaid

Compared with prepaid bundles, the postpaid ones are nothing special and telecom operators seem to have no interest in facilitating contract customers the way they do prepaid ones. Little to no special offer, TVCs rarely targeted at them, no events, no discounts, new phones not available on installments … commitment of business customers had paying fixed amount every month seems to hold no weight.

Nevertheless, postpaid customers do get some preferential treatment when speaking with customer service representative and problems are resolved sooner.

Do you use postpaid 3G internet? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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