Wi-Tribe Introduces "resQme" App

Wi-Tribe Introduces “resQme” App

Wi-Tribe has introduced “resQme” app for its customers that aims to provide one-click SOS service. A free application, available for both iPhone and Android, it allows instant communication in case there is an emergency and want to inform family or friends of your location.

Location Tracking

The app has easy-to-use interface that guides the users every step of the way. It uses your phone’s GSM network and GPS location (need to be activated) for location alert when you send out SOS message.

Emergency Numbers

It allows you to add 3 emergency numbers who you want to notify when in need and send preset custom message including location. The service can also be customized to ask for confirmation before sending out the message, just in case if it was activated by mistake.

Active Widget

The resQme app allows placement of widget on home screen, enabling the users to send out the SOS message without the need to open the app and only tap the widget.

Instant Alert Shortcut

Some emergency situations do not allow to even unlock phone to either tap the widget or access the app. In such situation there is another shortcut … just press power button of your phone 4 times to generate alert. This alert is only available for Android version and does not work on iPhone.

Wi-Tribe has developed and introduced a very useful application that is beneficial to the people. Through this, the users can feel safe and be able to get in touch with loved ones when in need of help. Wi-Tribe continues to offer great broadband packages and at SmartChoice.pk we have some exclusive offers as well.

Have you used “resQme” app? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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