How Travel Insurance Can Help You Save Money! -

How Travel Insurance Can Help You Save Money!

Holiday trips are exciting! You go through the procedures of arranging the necessary funds needed, apply for your visa, get your tickets booked and lose yourself in the excitement of your trip when you can finally relax with your near and dear ones. In all of this, you’ve either forgot to get your travel insurance policy or maybe have delayed it till the last moment. And this is the biggest mistake any traveler can make. No matter how many days are left to depart, it’s a wise idea to get travel cover as soon as your holiday is confirmed. Because you can bear the brunt of unwanted and hefty expenditures in case you don’t have it. Any unforeseen circumstance can lead to the cancellation of your holiday trip. Listed below are a few reasons why getting a travel policy should be your first and foremost priority once your holiday is booked and confirmed.

No Cover, No Refund:
Your holiday can get cancelled for any reason. But it might not be obligatory for the tour operator or the airline might to reimburse you fully. Thus it’s better to spend a little money on getting a travel insurance policy rather than facing a hefty deduction on cancelling your trip. It’s the case of spending a little to save a lot in the long run.

Baggage Woes:
Luggage gets lost/misplaced a lot of times hence it’s a good idea to have travel cover because your suitcase could contain expensive items and losing your beloved DSLR could mean shelling out a huge chunk of that hard earned money that you saved the whole year to spend on shopping abroad just to get another one. You can have your trip without your shopping spree & the memorable snaps or you could just spend a little money to get a policy that covers lost luggage. It’s really an easy choice to make here!

Don’t Be Frugal:
You just spend thousands of rupees on visa, tickets, boarding & lodging and sightseeing tours. Don’t be a miser when it comes to choosing a travel cover. Though travel insurance itself does not cost a lot compared to the cost you’ve already incurred on the above mentioned things, however it’s not really a wise idea to get the cheapest solution possible and the wise approach is to compare the available policies from different providers and pick the one that covers all your needs and offers the best incentives. For a start, trip cancellation cover should be a must and then medical and baggage cover should also be there because medical expenses abroad can be extremely costly and could eat up into your funds you brought along for your activities very easily. Also if you’re a frequent traveller or have multiple trips planned in an year, then it’s best to go for a annual policy package as that could prove to be better value for money along with offering better features/cover too.

Medical Expenses:
Let’s be real, accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. And it’s even more likely to be the case when you’re on an adventure trip with your friends in an exotic location. In case of any mishaps, medical procedures including treatment and medications can rack up an exorbitant bill and thus put a huge dent in the money you saved and your trip can turn into a not-so-fun one. Travel policy will safeguard you from these otherwise inevitable expenses as well.

So there you go folks, to wind it up, you should get a travel insurance cover as soon as your holiday is booked so you can really look forward to enjoying at your favourite holiday destination with total peace of mind!

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